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How to Boost Poor Cellphone Signal for Faster Data Connection

With most parts of the world on lockdown, people have no option but to stay at home. During this coronavirus pandemic, the need to have fast and reliable wireless connection has never been greater as phones are now our best getaway to connecting to the outside world.

Low cell phone signals cause all sorts of inconveniences when one is trying to stay connected. Phone calls can drop, messages don’t get sent, and streaming services can stutter.

Even though we can improve our infrastructure and build new towers to increase more bars, we can still apply simple steps to avoid interruption in cell service. Here are steps to ensure you have the best signal, how to boost your [...]

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Nokia bringing three phones to Cricket Wireless, all under $200

Two of the same are pretty much the same with a price difference of $40

Another wave of phones is just about to arrive at AT&T prepaid carrier Cricket Wireless starting this Friday. All of them, being Nokia phones, are courtesy of HMD Global and all of them cost under $200.

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Google’s new social distancing AR tool shows exactly how far people need to back away from you, please

It’s called Sodar, and it runs right in your Android phone’s Chrome browser

We’re probably all familiar with the six-foot/two-meter social distancing guidelines being promoted these days, but not everyone can easily visualize what that sort of space means. Short of a tape measure, some folks are just left with an approximate guess, but Google has released an easy web-based augmented reality experiment that makes visualizing social distancing guidelines a whole lot easier.

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Viral tweet reminds us how much better voice typing is on Google Pixel vs. iPhone [Video]

Voice dictation is a really handy feature for getting out a message if you can’t type manually, but the usefulness of that feature relies heavily on how fast, and more importantly, how accurate it is. In a recent tweet that’s gone viral, we’re reminded just how much better voice typing is on a Pixel phone compared to Apple’s iPhone.


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YouTube rolling out Video Chapters on Android, iOS, and the web

YouTube today is making it easier to navigate videos — especially long ones — with “Video Chapters.” This new feature goes beyond the timestamps that some creators list in descriptions by placing chapters right in the progress bar.


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