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YouTube TV expands to 34 new markets including New Orleans, Fresno, Omaha, and Tuscon

Google’s streaming television service is quite affordable at a mere $35 a month. While many might jump at the idea, there is an unfortunate restriction. So far, it’s only available in some markets. But, as of today, a few million more people can now access it, as YouTube TV is rolling out to 34 new areas including New Orleans, Omaha, and Tuscon.

🗣️ Cable-free live TV is now in 34 new metro areas.

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Super-fast battery charging could be the Galaxy S9’s secret weapon

We don’t only care about how long a smartphone battery can last, we also want it to charge as quickly as possible so that we’re never out of juice.

Battery size can’t grow significantly in the near future, considering that we’ve reached a sort of peak smartphone design. But the next batch of smartphones coming out should be even more energy efficient than 2017 models, and they’ll feature even better fast-charging battery tech. The Galaxy S9 could be one of them.

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Amazon Echo speakers now let you wake up to your favorite song

“Alexa, wake me up to Rick Astley.”

Smart speakers can be used for a laundry list of different things, but as I’ve quickly been discovering with my Google Home Mini, some of them are fantastic little alarm clocks. Amazon’s Echo devices have long supported alarms, but a new update now allows users to wake up to the song of their choice rather than Amazon’s default alarm tune.

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Verizon’s TV strategy sounds like a mess

Thanks to those gosh-darn millenials’ refusal to pay $100 a month for a cable package, the traditional TV industry is going through a tough time right now. Pay TV packages are being dropped faster than ever before, and new cord-cutting cable alternatives are popping up every months.

Now, some companies are responding to this with a coherent strategy for 21st century media: AT&T’s DirecTV Now online streaming service has hit a million subscribers in its first year of operation, thanks to the low price (and unsustainably good deals for other AT&T customers). But Verizon? Well, that’s a very different story.

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Newegg’s Green Monday sales event has begun – here are 10 of the best deals

If you thought your wallet might be safe now that Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Cyber Week have all come to an end, think again. On Monday many retailers kicked off their Green Monday sales events, once again slashing prices on thousands of products in one final push before Christmas. Newegg is one of those retailers, and although the list of discounted items is as long as ever, we decided to pick out the ten deals that stuck out to us.

Below, you’ll find some great deals on 4K TVs, laptops, video game consoles and a few other devices. If you’re still desperately searching for that big gift for your significant other (or something pricey to spend your holiday [...]

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