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Why Samsung Galaxy phones are a great fit for former Windows Phone fans
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Samsung’s Vision for the Foldable Phone – You Wouldn’t Have Guessed It

Samsung has been known to introduce smartphones and tablets with large screens that are over 5.3 inches and this time it’s a foldable phone. Samsung phones have had larger screens while other smartphones were no bigger than 4 inches. That’s the reason, Samsung has been getting better at improving the gadgets that people held in their hands and pockets. These large were mocked because of it too, but fast forward to now, no smartphone is smaller than 5.3 inches. Samsung’s Note series was a turning point for Samsung.

Now Samsung is planning to revolutionize how we see smartphones, with its ultimate Galaxy fold.

An Era of Foldable Phone Screens

As the [...]

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Control Music in Your Car While Using Google Maps or Waze

Using your phone to control music while driving is not just a hassle, it can pose a risk on your life and others. That’s why lots of people use car-mounts, wireless headsets and wireless chargers to keep their focus on the road. These kits are also quite helpful if you rely on Google Maps while navigating to your destination.

But what if you’re trying to play some music while having Google Maps or Waze active on your phone? It can be quite tricky to get from one app to another to change the music, per say, and still have your eyes on the road.

But you don’t have to worry anymore. Here’s how you can control the music while still having your navigation app [...]

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Does Amazon even make money when Fire 7 tablets are on sale for $35, like it is right now?

At just $50, we’ve often wondered what kind of margin Amazon could possibly make on the Fire 7 Tablet. It’s an excellent compact tablet that gives users easy access to all of Amazon’s services, so perhaps the company just tries to break even on the hardware. If you’re a Prime subscriber though, you can buy a Fire 7 Tablet today for just $34.99. Amazon has to be losing money at that price, right!?

Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa, 7″ Display, 8 GB, Black – with Special Offers: $34.99

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Samsung rolls out Pie to the Note FE (AKA, the non-explosive Note 7)

Samsung launched the Note 7 in 2016, but the phone was on sale for less than two months before repeated issues with battery fires resulted in its cancelation. The phone came back in 2017 as the Note FE (Fan Edition) in select markets. Even though Samsung would probably prefer to forget this whole incident ever happened, it’s still pushing a Pie update today.

Samsung cobbled together the Note FE using unopened Note 7 units and spare parts from the original production. Read More

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Why Samsung Galaxy phones are a great fit for former Windows Phone fans

Having tried a range of Android hardware since the death of Windows Phone, the Samsung Galaxy line is where I feel closest to home.

The Samsung Galaxy range includes some of the best and most popular Android hardware, and it has for a long time. However, competition is heating up. From OnePlus’s “affordable” flagship phones to advancing tech from Huawei and Google’s Pixel line, Samsung’s Galaxy phones are far from your only option nowadays. However, as a Windows Phone refugee, Samsung’s Galaxy phones fall quite easily closest to home.

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