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High prices continue to drive cord-cutting

Cord-cutters ditching traditional pay TV for streaming cable alternatives are at an all-time high. Every quarter sees another record broken for people leaving cable, while streaming pay TV and Netflix continue to grow at astronomical rates.

It’s easy for cable execs to blame the problems on gosh-darn millenials who are glued to their phone and don’t want to watch the evening news. But the evidence shows that actually, it’s the increasingly high prices that cable companies charge that’s to blame.

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The Alcatel 1X with Android Go is coming to the US for under $100

It’s been almost a year since Google unveiled Android Go, now technically known as Android Oreo (Go Edition), but devices you can actually buy are few and far between. In fact, only ZTE has committed to launching a Go device in the US. Now, Alcatel is announcing plans to launch the X1 in the US, too. The phone was shown off at MWC a few weeks ago. The specs are modest, but it’ll cost under $100. Read More

The Alcatel 1X with Android Go is coming to the US for under $100 was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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$50 and 60 seconds are all it takes to add wired gigabit Ethernet to your house

We all dream of having lightning-fast wired gigabit internet in every room with a computer or TV. Then reality sets in, and the thought of paying someone a truck load of money to run all that cable sends us running back to our spotty Wi-Fi. Well what if we told you that adding gigabit Ethernet to any room is as simple as plugging a tiny box into any standard wall outlet? Definitely check out the D-Link Gigabit PowerLine Internet Adapter Kit, which transforms the regular power lines in your home into lightning-fast Ethernet in 60 seconds.

Here’s what you need to know from the product page:

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Android Auto is adding a ‘swipe up to lock’ gesture that lets you use your phone while connected

For obvious reasons, Google locked down Android phones that were connected and running Android Auto. While there have been workarounds, your phone was essentially a brick when it’s connected to a car. Now, Google is allowing users to swipe to unlock the phone when it’s in Android Auto/Car Mode…


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Annoy your wife and anger your neighbors with this low-cost high-quality home theater guide

While it might seem like every single piece of technology is rising in price — we’re looking at you, $1,000 iPhone X — the good news is that there’s not ever been a better time to get more, for less. These are some of the best home theater receivers, speakers, subwoofers, and media players that we have found for a reasonable price and great performance.

The workhorse of every home theater is the receiver. This component takes all of your input sources like cable, Blu-ray, media players, and audio, and connects them all together in one interface. It’s also the amplifier that is powering your speakers and subwoofers. Here are a couple of our picks for [...]

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