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iPhone XS Max vs. Galaxy S10+ speed test: The results might surprise you
Here are our favorite features in Google’s first Android Q beta
In-screen fingerprint sensors are bad and need to go away
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Samsung is holding ‘a Galaxy event’ on April 10

Galaxy A90 announcement? More Galaxy Fold details? Who knows.

About two months after holding its big Unpacked press conference to announce the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Fold, Samsung’s announced it’s going to be hosting another event on April 10.

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iPhone XS Max vs. Galaxy S10+ speed test: The results might surprise you

Year in and year out, Apple manages to crank out new iPhone models with increasingly impressive and arguably unrivaled hardware. Though Android has caught up to the iPhone in many ways when it comes to specific features and overall usability, new iPhone models routinely trounce all comers when it comes down to raw performance. Just a few months back, for example, you may recall that Apple’s iPhone XS — armed with the A12 Bionic — managed to beat a McLaren Edition of the OnePlus 6T boasting 10GB of RAM.

The smartphone landscape, though, doesn’t stay stagnant for long and Samsung’s recently released S10 lineup certainly brings a lot to the table. [...]

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Here are our favorite features in Google’s first Android Q beta

Google has released the first beta for Android Q, and with it a number of great new features — including faster sharing, better control over permissions like location, and more. Here are our top five favorite new features in Android Q.

The post Here are our favorite features in Google’s first Android Q beta appeared first on Digital Trends.

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There’s an annoying Galaxy S10 bug that keeps killing the battery

Following the disaster that was the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has managed to avoid any other major controversies with its smartphone releases in the years since. But just days after the launch of the Galaxy S10 series, some users have begun to complain about an issue that is causing their batteries to drain at an accelerated rate.

As pointed out by SamMobile, some S10 owners have claimed that the phone’s display is turning on while sitting in their pocket due to the Tap to Wake feature. If the screen is constantly turning on and off while you’re walking around with the phone in your pocket, the battery is going to deplete itself earlier than it should.

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MySpace accidentally deleted every song, photo, and video uploaded before 2016

Before Facebook dominated the social networking landscape, there was MySpace. Remember Tom? Remember having a list of your top 8 friends? Remember obnoxious personal pages with flashing lights, auto-playing music, and a seemingly endless stream of quizzes? It seems like a lifetime ago, but there was a period of time back in the mid-2000s when MySpace was the world’s largest and most popular social network.

Famously, MySpace quickly became irrelevant once Facebook decided to allow non-students to join back in 2006. MySpace’s demise can also be traced back to a number of questionable product decisions from the company’s higher-ups. As a prime example, Facebook [...]

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