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5 Very Useful Secret Android Features You Didn’t Know

Secret Android Features can give you tools to solve just about everything. These secret capabilities on your device are just waiting to be used. You have more cool and sneaky features hidden on your phone than you think. What are you waiting for? Find out how you can time travel using your Android!

Just kidding, but, there are some interesting features that are almost as groundbreaking as time travel. Here are five of them:

[1] Access your Phone Through a Friend’s Phone

If you left your phone behind at home and realize you need to get access to an important contact, you are out of luck because phone books are a thing of the past. This scenario doesn’t have such [...]

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These are the best ‘Made for Samsung’ apps for your Galaxy phone

Did you know that you can download special versions of great apps if you’re using a Samsung Galaxy device? Here are some of the best Made for Samsung apps that offer you discounts, extra features, or better optimization.

The post These are the best ‘Made for Samsung’ apps for your Galaxy phone appeared first on Digital Trends.

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How to update your Google Chrome autofill settings

One of the perks of using Google Chrome on all of your devices is the ability to sync your autofill data such as your address and credit card number between all of your devices. But what if you move or your card’s expiration date changes? You’re in luck because you can quickly update this information. Here’s how…


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Mark Zuckerberg has finally spoken out about the Cambridge Analytica scandal

Facebook is no stranger to scandal, but the last few days have been a particular kind of rocky for the gargantuan social network. Following revelations that Facebook happily handed over the data of 50 million users to Cambridge Analytica, the company’s stock price has tanked, investors have filed suit against the company, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been doing his best tumbleweed impression.

But Zuckerberg has recognized the seriousness of the crisis facing his company, and the hoodied figure has finally made a public post to address the issues. In a statement on his Facebook page (but of course), Zuckerberg gave an exhaustive timeline of events, said that [...]

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Best Racing Wheels for PlayStation VR

I’ve got the best drive wheels to really get you into your VR experience.

In order to play some great PlayStation VR racing games with the full experience, you’re going to want a drive wheel to get the full experience. Whether you’re taking on the tracks in Gran Turismo or taking to the streets in DRIVECLUB, a drive wheel will definitely add to your fun. Here are some the best wheels I’ve found to fulfill your immersion needs!

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