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8 Things You’re Doing Wrong to Your Android

Learn how to keep your information safe, become a pro at saving your phone’s battery life, get the latest technology without having to buy a new phone, and impress your friends with new knowledge on how to get the best/most out of their phone. (We are also here to save yourself some embarrassment by helping you fix any of these mistakes you are probably guilty of making) Here are the eight things you have been doing wrong to your Android phone.

[8] Improperly Charging your Phone

This one is tricky, we don’t blame you. How could you know that there is one better way to charge your phone over another? As long as you see the charging symbol and the battery increasing, [...]

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You might get a Galaxy S9 sooner than we thought

A new report from Korea may have just revealed launch details for the most hotly anticipated handset of the first half of the year. Samsung’s Galaxy S9 has been the star of leaks and rumors throughout winter, though the most revealing reports were published earlier this week. Samsung will unveil the handset on Sunday, and this new report says the company will then start taking preorders in various markets just a few days later.

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These $40 knockoffs look just like Apple’s $159 AirPods, and they sound almost as good

If you love the design of Apple’s AirPods but you’re not quite as fond of the idea of shelling out $159 for a pair of wireless headphones, we’ve got an alternative that you might want to check out. The Gejin Truly Wireless Earbuds are unashamed AirPods knockoffs, but that might not be such a bad thing, especially considering the fact that they only cost $40. They also come with a charging case just like Apple’s AirPods to ensure that you always have juice when you need it.

Here’s what you need to know from the product page:

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BLU announces the VIVO X with a MediaTek P25, quad cameras, and 18:9 display for $299

Unsurprisingly, Blu has announced another new phone. The company’s latest flagship, the Vivo X ticks almost all of the buzzwords when it comes to smartphones: octa-core CPU, quad cameras, an 18:9 display, and an attractive price point.


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Google is improving Progressive Web Apps on Chrome and Chrome OS

Near the end of last year, Google told developers that it was working to phase out apps in the Chrome Web Store, in favor of platform-independent Progressive Web Apps. While PWAs already fully work in Chrome and Chrome OS, Google has been trying to make them look and feel more like desktop programs. Kenneth Christiansen (a contributor to Chromium) has shared some screenshots of how the work is progressing, and it looks fantastic. Read More

Google is improving Progressive Web Apps on Chrome and Chrome OS was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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