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Chromebook VS Laptop – Which Should You Buy?
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Chromebook VS Laptop – Which Should You Buy?

Should you buy a Chromebook or normal Windows laptop? Whether you’re a student in the market for the best computer to use in school, or you’re looking to buy someone a gift for Christmas, then we’re here to help you make the right choice.

Even though Chromebooks look similar to the normal Windows or Mac laptops, they have totally different operating systems. Chromebooks, however, are for those who prefer Google and Android services.

What Are Chromebooks?

When Chromebooks launched, they were mostly known for being lightweight, inexpensive laptops that run on Google’s Chrome OS and operate mostly in the cloud. Over time, the affordability [...]

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OnePlus will make a surprise announcement in just a few weeks

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus, which surprised the world with incredibly affordable flagship Android phones a few years ago, has had a massive 2019. It was even one of the few companies to launch a 5G handset just months after the first 5G networks were turned on. For the first time in its brief history, OnePlus did things differently when it comes to its bi-annual smartphone launches. Instead of just two handsets, including a brand new device in the first half of the year and an upgraded “T” version of it in the second half of 2019, we had two multi-phone launches, each consisting of at least a couple handsets. 2019 also marked the first year when OnePlus brought to market a [...]

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Running out of storage on your Android device? Here’s what to do!

One of the most important features of your smartphone is its storage. This is how you download your favorite apps, save all of your special photos, download music playlists for long road trips — you name it. The longer you hold onto your phone, the more likely it is you’ll start to run out of space at some point down the road. Should you find yourself in this situation, here are a few tips on how to free up storage space on your Android phone.

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How to find your own phone number on iOS or Android

If you’ve ever wondered where your phone saves your own phone number, this is the guide to help you find it. Whether you have an Android or an iOS device, we show you where you can go on your smartphone to find your phone number.

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How Sony’s camera guru is transforming Sony Mobile, starting with the Xperia 5

We visited Sony in Tokyo to understand how the man responsible for changing the fortunes of Sony Imaging is planning to do the same at Sony Mobile.

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Running out of storage on your Android device? Here’s what to do!
How to find your own phone number on iOS or Android
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