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Secret Tips for Money-Saving Deals at Amazon Warehouse & Amazon Outlet Store

Amazon is the world’s top e-commerce company where everything you could ever desire and all deals at Amazon is only a click away. Is your prom coming and you need the perfect dress? Amazon. Don’t know what to get your friend for her baby shower? Amazon. Urgently need forty thousand ladybugs in a jar? Amazon. And don’t worry nobody is going to ask you why you need them for… you freak.

It’s the holiday season, and your visits to this site, especially the Warehouse and Outlet, are getting more frequent because well, you’re not much of a mall shopper and this IS more convenient and you need to get the best present for your mom and Amazon DOES give more options [...]

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Trump Tariffs To Raise Smartphone Prices

You’ve probably heard a lot about tariffs in recent months, but did you know that some of Trump’s planned tariffs could cause the smartphone prices to increase? Trump recently requested a new tariff targeting phones and laptops from China.

Trump told the Wall Street Journal: “People could stand that very easily” suggesting he wasn’t too worried about the smartphone prices going up because consumers will still buy them no matter what the price is. But most good smartphones already cost a small fortune. Almost three-quarters of smartphones are imported from China, so these tariffs would definitely affect the US smartphone market in a major way.

Major brands, including [...]

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How to take a screenshot on the Google Pixel 3

The Pixel 3 offers one of the simplest software experiences you can get, and that’s carried over into its screenshot feature. Thankfully with Android 9 Pie, Google’s added a few features to make its screenshot a bit more capable and competitive, but it’s still easy as ever to capture and share. Here’s how you get it done.

Products used in this guide

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Black Shark review

The world is being treated to an ever-increasing number of high-powered gaming phones. With so many great options already out, is there room for another? The Black Shark thinks so. But is it any good? We find out.

The post Black Shark review appeared first on Digital Trends.

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Chrome OS to let you draw on PDFs using Pixelbook Pen, mouse, more

In many ways, PDF files are supposed to replace physical paper documents. One thing that’s been missing, compared to the traditional paper experience, is the ability to quickly make notes over an existing document with a pen. Chrome OS is working on its own take on this with a new PDF annotation feature that should also take advantage of the Pixelbook Pen or any other stylus.


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