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Here’s what Android Q’s upcoming revamped Bluetooth device menu looks like

With the death of the headphone jack, Bluetooth accessories are only becoming more important. Now, we’re learning that Google is putting some heavy emphasis on these accessories in Android Q with a revamped Bluetooth menu and some new features for Fast Pair.


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Best Fire Tablet Deals for May 2019

Know what’s really fire? These hot tablet deals.

You have your choice of a lot of Android tablets, but with so many options it can be hard to tell what ones are worth purchasing. Luckily, Amazon stepped into the fray with the Fire lineup. These are tablets that are not meant to drain your wallet but still give you access to all the stuff you love to do with tablets – play games, watch movies, and do it all on the go. Amazon has its own wide variety of tablets within its lineup featuring smaller sizes, kids editions, HD versions, and more.

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B&H drops the Huawei P30 and P30 Lite prices to $570 and $280, respectively

The Huawei P30 series made the news in March thanks to impressive camera features. The Chinese company declined its flagship into the regular P30, the Pro, and the Lite versions, but all three weren’t easy to buy in the US. Nevertheless, B&H started accepting pre-orders for them about a month ago, and the retailer is already shaving a few bucks off their price.

Sadly, the higher-end P30 Pro’s price hasn’t dropped, but the two other devices have become slightly more affordable. Read More

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Buy Google’s brand new Pixel 3a XL today on Amazon and you’ll get a free $100 gift card

If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, we’ve got some seriously good news for you on Friday. Amazon is running a killer deal that gets you the brand new Google Pixel 3a XL for $479. But wait, you’re saying to yourself, that’s the same price Google charges. That’s true, but if you buy the phone on Amazon instead of from Google you’ll get a free $100 Amazon gift card! That effectively slashes the price to just $379, which is an incredible value for the latest and greatest phone from Google.

Pixel 3a XL, Just Black with free $100 gift card: $479.00

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Top Google I/O 2019 Announcements You Need To Know

Google made many intriguing announcements at Google I/O 2019 that will have fans of Google and Android products excited. From improvements in smart technology to increases in accessibility. Here are some of the biggest and our favorite highlights from Google I/O 2019.  

Google Lens Enhancements

Google Lens will have an improved camera mode that allows it to read and translate text out loud. The app is integrated into Google Search. This enhancement will allow you to have text translated and read to you in 14 different languages. This is great if you plan to travel to a foreign country soon or if you do business internationally. This development has the potential to [...]

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