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Samsung Galaxy Watch vs. Misfit Vapor: Which should you buy?
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The Fastest Way to Charge Your Phone Safely

We tend to use our phones more frequently these days, with all the new changes and improvements how do you charge your phone safely and fast. Sometimes, you might find yourself about to get out of the house, just to realize your phone is on low battery. Not all of us carry power-banks around the streets, and we’d like to keep it that way.

So, you choose to rely on a 10-minute charge, knowing that it won’t last you for long. We’ve all been in that situation and we had to make a decision not to be late. There are certain things that can help speed up the charging of your phone safely. You can do these to keep your phone alive until you find another outlet:

Enable Airplane [...]
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Beware of Chinese Phone Scams – Must Read!

Phone scams may be redundant and old-fashioned in the world of fraud. But people still suffer from those annoying schemes, and some even fall victim for them. Scammers have improved their ways and tweaked old techniques to fool the modern man. Recently, people have been receiving calls from alleged members of the Chinese authority asking them for money!

A woman in Massachusetts received a call from a party claiming to be related to the Chinese authorities. The caller told the woman that her identity was stolen and she needs to verify her documents over the phone. After a week of exchanging documents and personal information, she was faced with a warning of her arrest and [...]

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Amazon’s Fire TV Recast lets you watch and record over-the-air HDTV broadcasts

Amazon has various Fire TV boxes that stream video from the internet, but the Fire TV Recast is something new. This is a DVR tuner box for watching and saving video from OTA sources like Fox and NBC. However, the Recast doesn’t have anything to do with displaying the video. For that, you need another piece of hardware.

The $230 base model Fire TV Recast comes with 500GB of storage (enough for 75 hours) and two HDTV tuners. Read More

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Huawei confirms its first foldable smartphone will also be its first 5G phone

We’re about to witness an exciting year in the history of the smartphone, as 2019 will bring us not only the first commercial foldable phones but also the first 5G devices, as carriers around the world will turn on their 5G networks. To add intrigue to mystery, Huawei just confirmed that its first foldable handset will also be its first 5G phone.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch vs. Misfit Vapor: Which should you buy?

We’re a virtual company made up of tech experts from across the globe. Our favorite computers don’t just live in our pockets, they also live on our wrists. With years of experience with dozens of smartwatches, we’re here to offer you our picks for the best you can get today.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

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