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10 Android Settings You Should Change ASAP

10 Android Settings You Should Change ASAP

A lot of times, we’re asked, what are the first settings to change or alter when you first acquire an android phone.  Android OS can be very intimidating if you are new at it or are not very tech savvy.  From fine-tuning your privacy, security or looking for a boost performance; here are few Android Settings you should change ASAP:

[1] Hide Sensitive Content from the Lock Screen

This really goes without saying. If you have important bank account numbers or texts or anything in general that you do not want people to be peeking at.  It’s imperative to hide these from being shown on the lock screen.  Even when the phone is locked, this information will not be displayed.  Fortunately, the fine folks at Google have implemented a way for you to achieve this.

  • First, make sure your phone is secured with a password or a pattern that only you know.
    • Open Settings > Notifcations
    • Tap the “Cog icon” on the upper-right hand corner
    • Tap “On the Lock Screen”
    • Select “Hide Sensitive Notification Content”
    • In order to select certain apps to be hidden- head over to “Show all notification content”
    • On the lock screen > hide sensitive notification content

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