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10 Best Astronomy Apps for Your Phone

10 Best Astronomy Apps for Your Phone

Ever look at the stars and wonder? Most people do. But if you find yourself all the more intrigued by the celestial outer space and everything stellar, you need an app to satisfy your interest.

Astronomy has always been a rather expensive hobby. You’d have to invest in lots of equipment and telescopes to enjoy what you love. But fear no more! There are a ton of apps out there that are developed specifically for astronomy enthusiasts. So, sit back, and enjoy this list of top 10 astronomy apps for Android devices:

Best Astronomy Apps #10 StarChart

StarChart is an amazing stargazing application. It comes with three modes: one letting you view the sky just like any other app. Another allows you to take a walk around the solar system, viewing different objects and planets.

The third mode is just insanely interesting. It’s called “Moments in Time.” Once activated, the app gives you a long-tail of important celestial events that happened over time. This gives you the opportunity to explore the universe like you’ve never had before. You also have in-app purchases to unlock more features that will definitely enhance your experience.

Download StarChart from Google Play Store here:

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