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10 Incredible Things That Android Phones Can Do That iPhones Cannot

10 Incredible Things That Android Phones Can Do That iPhones Cannot

Whether you use Android or iOS, most people will argue for days that their preferred operating system is the best. There are some features that iPhone does not have that the Android has; however, there are a TON of features that Android phones have that iPhones are either in the process of copying over or do not have.   While there are some overlapping features that both phones have.  Here are the top 10 features are unique specifically to Android devices.

Android Phones

10) Split Screen

Android Phones

This feature came to Android with the Nougat update. Split screen allows you to open two apps at once. For example, you can have Google Maps open and still browse the web. This feature is found on newer models of Apple’s iPad, but is being worked on for mobile devices.  The reason why this feature is so important is that it increases productivity.  It’s similar to when you are at home and have multiple monitors.  The more monitors you have, the more you can see and the more productive you can become.

9) Customization Options

Android Phones

iPhone users are restricted to one home screen and one lock screen. They are limited in how much they can be customized. Android users can customize with themes, launchers, and live wallpaper via Google Play apps. The options are quite extensive, because there are thousands of apps. While iPhone users might find it a burden because of all the additional features; however, for Android users it increases usability.

8) Manage Phone’s Internal Storage

Android Phones

Starting with Android Marshmallow, Android users can access their smartphone’s full internal storage. They can also manage their files with Android’s file manager. They can easily open, rename, move, share, and delete files.  This is not possible to do with the iPhone.  In order to do so, you must gain root access to your iPhone device, this is typically done via jailbreak.  Fortunately, for the Android, Google made it super easy to manage your phone’s internal storage.

7) Picture-in-Picture Mode

Android Phones

Picture-in-picture mode is a unique kind of multi-window mode which allows you to watch a video playback in the corner of the screen while still using the rest of the screen to perform other  tasks like browsing the Internet or sending a text. This mode cannot be found on iPhone. Again, this feature is only available on the iPhone if you jailbreak your phone and install a third party app that is not approved by Apple.

6) Smart Text Selection

Android Phones

This is another feature introduced in Oreo. Using Google’s machine learning capabilities, smart text can recognize text as  a contact number, address, email identifier, etc. All you have to do is long tap on the text.  This is a feature that Apple is working on incorporating, but if you ask me, they are not doing a great job of it. Their auto-correct has significant problems which can lead to confusion during chat conversations.

5) Guest Accounts

Android Phones

If you ever need to share your device, you can enter into a guest mode. This will keep them seeing any personal information you might have stored on your phone that you don’t want anyone to see.   This is a feature that Apple does not have whether or not your phone is jailbroken.   This is a neat feature because if you let your significant others use your phone, you might want to keep some surprises only available in your mode and not available on hers.

4) Record Phone Calls

Android Phones

Android phones can record phone calls from the dial pad. They can also download third-party apps from the Play Store that will also record phone calls for them. All you have to do is download the application.  This is a neat feature that many users will find useful.  Please take note of your local laws involving phone recording.  It is a finicky thing and you should always be complaint with the laws.

3) Default Apps

Android phones can provide users with more customization options than Apple. You can choose specific apps to perform actions. For example, if you want to open new links in Opera and not Chrome, you can make that a default in your settings.  These features are a lot harder to set in the iPhone.  Sometimes you can click on a link and you want it to open in Chrome, but it opens in Safari.  With Android you are allowed to change these settings.

2) Data Limits

In your settings, you can turn on a mode called Data Savings mode if you are running short on data with Android phones. This will limit background data activity, among other things. It is a quick way to conserve data if you need to.  There are ways to do this with iOS but you either need to be jailbroken or install a third party app, neither of which is ideal because your data will kill you!

1) Instant Apps

If you have Jelly Bean or higher, you can test out an app before you decide to download it. This is great if you are not sure if the app is what you are looking for or not.  This is a feature that I have not even heard of Apple attempting to imitate.  Think of this like browsing through the food aisle at Costco and being allowed to sample some of the foods being sold.  Android phones manufacturing companies really thought this feature out.

While Apple might eventually add some of these features to later models of their iPhone, as of now these are all exclusive to Android.