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10 Reasons Android Phones Are So Much Better Than iPhones

10 Reasons Android Phones Are So Much Better Than iPhones

Ten reasons an Android Smartphone overshadows iPhone, described by a true Android and iPhone user, while reviewing operating system upgrades and interfaces.

It is evident that both operating systems, technology and interfaces, as well as latest development and upgrading, are futuristic and sensational, but the truth is, by looking closer and becoming a user of both Android and iPhone, you can actually judge both devices, and criticize with no aim for unsupported data, or just being a devout believer for either of the brands. Yes, it is true most of us will pick a side, and yes, few people worship their brands and devices in inexplicable ways, but an informed user, who does research, and experiments can make a solid point when analyzing certain important features.

With no more introductions, here are the ten reasons why there is lean in the balance towards an Android Smartphone and not the iPhone.

Number One: The disastrous search

When running a search, there’s nothing better than Google, and that is the ideal world for a Smartphone quick search. Since Google created Android, it provides a quality of search and results. And, although you can search through Spotlight with iOS the results are a complete disaster. The system shows you, thanks to Siri suggestions, the apps, and other saved data matching your search, and the search engine used by iPhone is Bing, so, that does not leave you with great results for a quick search. There is an option to enable Siri suggestions but the practical qualities of the phone are lost there. Of course, there is always a possibility to solve this by navigating Safari, which works with Google.

Number Two: Clearing mobile data

When app data is compromised, this data can easily be cleared from an Android Smartphone, the first and most practical way is to go to “App info”, where you choose to clean your app data, and, the other effective way is to uninstall the app, and install it back again. With this, the old app data will be erased and the app will be working like new. With iPhone, the process is long and uncertain. Why? Because when you “uninstall” an app from iPhone, the app in question is not uninstalled completely, so there is some old and probably damaged data left behind, and, when you install the app again, the problem will remain. In some cases if you decide to delete the app, the iOS device allows to delete the iCloud backup as well and then reset your gadget. This makes the job long and senseless.

Number Three: The back button

Probably, this could be a tiny matter for some of us, but as some Internet research has proved, a lot of people have actually switched from iOS to Android for this reason. The back button on an iPhone, makes it “far” from easy while selecting one action to the next one, and we expect speed with minimum moves, Android Smartphone makes it very convenient to choose the different commands and take you where you want to be. Whether it is browsing through pictures, with multiple apps open, and so on; Android Smartphone makes it easier to move around, having the “go back” button close to the main menu button.

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