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10 Reasons Android Phones Are So Much Better Than iPhones

10 Reasons Android Phones Are So Much Better Than iPhones

Number Seven: The slide bar

How many of us have noticed the slide bar, which is basically a tool for controlling the volume and brightness of your device? Well, it is a very basic tool, and with some overlooked defects on the iPhone. Here is why, the sliding bar on a Smartphone is sensitive to be tapped at any point throughout the bar, recognizing as a command to lower or augment the desired volume or brightness on your screen. But, unfortunately, when it comes to iPhone, people must select the circle on the bar, which has minimum dimensions and moves it forward or backward for setting the desired amount.

Number Eight: Hiding and organizing apps

It is impossible to hide apps from the main screen on iPhone. As a user who has had both devices, it comes as a shock having all these apps on your main screen, and most of them for no reason. It is a waste of space, and some of them are not erasable. This may come as an annoying point for a former Android users where they have experienced the skill of hiding or moving the apps as they please through your screen. For some, the first available screen on the iPhone is useless since most apps there are also non used frequently. Although your main screen has this inability to change, the device allows you to move your apps as you wish on the rest of the screens and create folders to organize your display.

Number Nine:  The multifunctional home button

The many functions on the home button that can lead to confusion for some of us is a true issue on iPhone devices. First, the one-touch leads to home, the double touch takes you to the recent apps, one long press of the button opens Siri, and so on. With the slightest change in commands, you can choose the wrong command making you frustrated and impatient. This is very common among iOS users, and it leads to mistakes and confusion most of the times. In any case, Android has three buttons that some could say, do the job of one button from iPhone, but it really has no comparison because iPhone’s home button has many utilities but it is not practical at all. While the three buttons on a Smartphone are clear and concise remaining true to their actions.

Number Ten: The render Engine

The render type for iPhone web search is Safari interface, and the navigation and search, as well as the Internet-related actions, will be on safari at all times. Even though users may download different browsers such as Google Chrome, they would just be navigating safari with a different interface.

Even though, the points mentioned are completely debatable, a lot of us seem to have a friendly point and even a romantic preference towards one device or another, in my case, I believe users should be informed at all times, about all gadgets and devices, as well as new technology out there, in order to take up as much as you can from what is out there available for you.



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