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10 Tips to Free Up Space on Your Android

10 Tips to Free Up Space on Your Android

Every Android user has come across the annoying problem of having to free up space on their Android device(s). Nowadays, phones come with standard storage of least 32GB or 64GB. Low budget models storing up to 16GB can prove to be a problem especially with the advanced infrastructure of mobile apps nowadays.

It becomes an issue especially when you get carried away and take too many photos/videos, and install way too many apps for your personal use. The less space the phone has, the more time one has to spend micromanaging the internal storage.

Even if you haven’t had any storage issues, managing the storage properly helps integrate better performance on your phone. If you keep receiving the “insufficient storage available” message when you download a new app or make an app update, here are 10 effective ways you can free up some space on your Android device:

[ 10 ] Move Photos and Videos to an External Storage

The simplest and most effective way of freeing up space in your Android device is to move the photos and videos from your internal storage. Photos and videos take a huge amount of space.

If your device can hold up an external microSD card, purchase one and ensure that you automate the storage of such media files to the microSD. If your device does not support microSD or your microSD is already full, then use Google Photos.

Google Photos is a free up that will always ensure your most cherished memories remain backed up to your cloud. Simply download the app, launch it and go to the Settings, Backup and Sync. Make sure that it is backing up your media over Wi-Fi, and any other important applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram or Snapchat, are included.

After backing up the media on Google Photos, you can then delete the other original copies in the internal storage to free up space.

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