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10 Ways You Are Killing Your Android Battery Life

10 Ways You Are Killing Your Android Battery Life

Usually, 99% of the time people take their Android phones to their respective store find out that it is not the physical battery that has a problem. After carrying out multiple battery tests, the results usually turn out to be positive. Hence, the main reason why some Android phones have a poor battery life is because of the software.

These days owning a smartphone means constantly searching for a socket thanks to the battery running out so quickly. We constantly blame the manufacturer but the main issue is operator error.

New Android smartphones nowadays have advanced hardware and features. However, they also come with a short battery life with advanced background-running apps, faster processors, and larger and brighter screens. Here are 10 ways you are killing your Android battery life:

1. Push Notifications

Using a push notification is when an App automatically generates a message and you always get notified about it.

Apps always ask you if you’d like to receive notifications when we first download them. Many social media and news apps always got us hooked to the phone and tempt us into accepting it. It always takes battery power to use internet services, turn the screen on and notify you of what is happening within the app.

To sort this issue, turn off the notifications of the active apps, or all apps altogether. You can do this by going to Settings >> Apps, and un-checking “Show notifications” for apps that you can do without.

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