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5 Android Shortcuts You Wish You Knew Earlier

5 Android Shortcuts You Wish You Knew Earlier

Smartphones are designed to add convenience to our lives using Android Shortcuts. Android devices have plenty of tricks built-in that can save you time. Some of the shortcuts are readily available, while others have to be unlocked. Either way, they’re easy to use and can bring a little sanity back into your life.

1. Ignore Calls Discreetly

A lot of times your phone rings at the worst possible. You might be on a date, at the movies, or in the middle of an important job. Sure you can set your phone to Do Not Disturb, but you risk missing important calls. Plus, fooling around with settings and on-screen menus takes time, and sometimes you need a quicker solution. If you activate your phone’s display screen and press the volume-down button twice, you will be able to turn your phone to vibrate mode within seconds, you can turn it back to standard mode by pressing volume-up button twice. Not only is this a faster solution, it is also very discreet. This tip works on any Android device that is Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or higher.

2. Double Tap To Launch Camera

Searching for the camera icon on you smartphone can be a nuisance, especially if you’re like me and you have more apps than you can keep up with. This is especially annoying when you want a take a photo of something you know won’t stay in position long. So if your dog does something cut or your kid’s about to have milestone, you need a shortcut to get to your camera fast. Android has you covered. All you have to do is double-tap your phone’s power button and the phone will jump straight into the camera app. Your display can even be off, and this trick will still work.

3. Take A Screenshot

If there is an image on your screen you want to share with a friend or something that you want to save for later, you can press your phone’s power and volume-down button at the same time and take an instant screenshot. Afterwards, your phone will send you a notification that will let you share the screenshot because you used Android Shortcuts. You can also access the screenshot in the Google Photos app.

4. Go To Recent Apps

Multitasking is the norm when it comes to smartphone now and Android Shortcuts can help save time. Oftentimes we’re playing a game, texting with a friend, and browsing Chrome at the same time. That’s why having a quick way to toggle back and forth between apps is essential. If you have Android 7.0 (Nougat) or higher, there should be a square-shaped icon next to the Back and Home buttons. This is called the Overview Key. Tap it twice, and it will take you back to your most recently used app.

5. Pull Down To Refresh A Webpage

When I need information, I want it now. That’s why I can’t stand it when the browser starts to lag. There are plenty of reasons why you might need to refresh a webpage. The easiest way to do it is to swipe downward. A circular refresh icon will appear on the top of the screen. The icon has an arrow inside it. Continue swiping until the arrow turns blue. In practice, it only take a quick flick to activate the refresh function.