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5 Apps to Help Train and Care for Your Dog

5 Apps to Help Train and Care for Your Dog

I remember the first time I brought my puppy home and watched him become an adult Dog. There was so much joy and excitement, but there was also a lot of uncertainty. My pup had a lot of nerves and wouldn’t eat anything I put in front of him. The mere thought of training him was daunting, especially since the cutie had the mentality of Madonna. Luckily, the advent of smartphones has made the task of training and caring for your four-legged friends a lot easier. You can download apps to manage your puppy’s health, diet, training, and more. This can help you keep your organized and provide you with useful tips that will ultimately make the task of being a pet parent simpler. Here are some of the apps I found the most useful.

Dog Training

is a free app devoted to providing dog owners with training recommendations to help turn stubborn puppies into obedient, friendly dogs. Training a new puppy can be very difficult because new environments can give them high-anxiety levels. Most new pet owners need all the advice they can get. This app will provide you with useful tips to help you curb barking and teach commands, such as sit, come, and stay. The app also provides helpful information on how to train deaf and disabled puppies.

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