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5 Clever Ways to Increase Internal Storage Space on Android

5 Clever Ways to Increase Internal Storage Space on Android

Whenever I see the “insufficient storage available” notification, I want to scream. When I want to download a new app, I want to do it right away, without any hassle. I’m sure you can relate. No one wants to spend an hour trying to download an app. Here are 5 methods for increasing internal storage space on your Android device.

Method 1: Use Memory Card to Increase Storage Space

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This is a quick and reliable way to increase internal storage space. Although you have to root your phone in order for this to work, you will end up saving a lot of space by borrowing space from the memory card.

The first step is to root your Android device. Next purchase a memory card that has 2 GB or more. You will also need a memory card reader and partition software. Finally, install the Link2SD app to your phone. This application tricks the Android phone into using the memory card as part of its internal memory.

The app won’t work right away. First, you have to partition the memory card. Download the MiniTool Partition Wizard on your computer and install it. Put the memory card into a memory card reader. Open up the partition management tool. Next, right click the memory card to delete all partitions.

Nor right-click again to create a new partition. You will need to select primary and specify what the file system and size are. Click create to create an Ext2/3/4 primary partition. Click “apply”.
Now you will be able to relocate files and apps to the memory card.

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