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5 Hidden Android Phone Superpowers

5 Hidden Android Phone Superpowers

They’re called smartphones for a reason– but smartphone are also a lot more intelligent and posses more superpowers than you would normally expect. They can do a lot to make your life better. They can help keep you safe, help make the world around you more accessible, and help you stay organized.

Here are our seven favorite hidden Android superpowers.

[ 5 ] Tell People You’re Driving

Distracted driving has become a major safety risk. It’s hard to resist responding to texts right away, but no one wants to hurt themselves or somebody else because they weren’t paying attention behind the wheel. There is an easy fix. In your Android settings, navigate to Sound. Click Do Not Disturb and click Turn on Automatically. Click Add Rule and then Driving. Android will be able to sense when you’re on the road now. When someone sends a message, Android will send them a text explaining that you’re driving.  Therefore, “hiding” the message from you for the time being.  You don’t miss what you don’t know you’ve missed!  

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