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5 Phone Settings Give You Warp Speed Performance

5 Phone Settings Give You Warp Speed Performance

Android has a ton of features that can improve speed and enhance the performance of your devices, but many of them are buried deep in phone settings.

Power Button Instant Lock

Your Android screen turns off automatically when it’s not in use. However, it takes a few seconds for the screen to lock. If you leave the phone unattended, there’s a short window where someone could access the contents of your phone. If you’re especially concerned about privacy, you can change your phone settings to Instant Lock.  Settings > Display > Sleep. Here you can set the amount of time it takes for auto lock to kick. Choose the shortest possible option. Usually, it’ll just say “Immediately”.

Disable App Shortcuts

Every time you download a new app from an app store, the app automatically shows up your home screen. This default setting is fine if you only use a handful of applications, but not if you’re someone who downloads a lot of apps. Not every application is one you need easy access to. Rather than constantly cleaning and reorganizing your icons, it’s easier to just disable this feature. Hold down on the homepage screen until the “Home Settings” options appears. Click on it. You’ll see an “Add Icon to Home Screen” option. Just switch it off, and you’re good to go.

Opt-out of Personalized Ads

Google tracks your online actively and creates personalized ads based on your interests and search history. If you spend a lot of time searching the latest tablets on Google, you’ll start to see those products show up in ads. Some people don’t mind Google’s advertising strategy. Others find it either intrusive or distracting. If you’re one of those people,  you can opt out of personalized ads. You will still see ads while on the search engine, but they won’t be customized to your interests. Here’s how to opt out through phone settings – Go to Settings > Google > Ads.  Click on “Opt out of Ads Personalization.”

Doze Mode for Specific Apps

Android Marshmallow introduced a Doze Mode that shuts off access network when you’re not actively using your phone. While this features saves your battery life, it can also be an inconvenience. You’ll still receive phone calls and text message in Doze Mode, but you might miss miss messages in other apps, like Gmail or Slack. Luckily, you can set Doze Mode so it only works on apps of your choice. Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Optimizations. You’ll find a  list of all your laps. Pick out the ones that are important to you and and select “Don’t Optimize” to turn off Doze Mode for that specific app.

Enable Instant Apps

Instant Apps is a rather interesting feature you will find on newer Android devices. The feature lets you test apps without having to download them, thereby saving you time and data. Instant apps are disabled by default, but you can turn the feature on easily through phone settings – Go to Settings > Instant Apps. Select “Yes, I’m In” to turn on Instant Apps.