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5 Ways to Charge Your Smartphone Faster

5 Ways to Charge Your Smartphone Faster

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you’re about ready to get up and go to work or leave work but you notice your phone is about to die and wish you could charge your smartphone faster.  So you decide to plug it in in an attempt to get as much juice as possible in this short amount of time.  However, you notice after 10 minutes you’re battery has only improved by 5%. I’ve been there and I understand how frustrating this process can be. Most people have too much on their to-do lists to also keep track of their battery performance.  We are here to help, here are 5 easy tips that can help you charge your smart phone in a much more efficient manner. 

[ 1 ] Get the Correct Charger/Plug

You might think that all chargers are the same, but this isn’t true. Newer models of Android support fast charging, but the standard charger that comes with the phone typically does not include this feature. A fast charger is backed by 15 watts, which makes it much more powerful than standard chargers, which typically only have 4.5 watts. This makes a significant difference.
Other common mistakes made are buying wires from eBay or other avenues where they sell wires/chargers that are not certified.  This will not only prolong your charging but can also ruin your device/battery.  Another common mistake is that people prefer to charge their phone using a USB input (such as a laptop).  You should always plug it into a wall outlet.  This should help expedite your charging.

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