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6 Hidden Features on Google Maps

6 Hidden Features on Google Maps

Google Maps is an excellent navigation tool.  Its the default map provider for almost all smartphone devices.  It does a lot more than just tell you where to go. There are a lot of hidden features and settings that set it apart and make it the go-to GPS navigation tool.   Check out these 6 hidden features and settings for Google Maps that we love to use.

Adds Stops

After you input you starting location and your final destination, you can also input stops along the way. This will save you time when you need to navigate to more than one place.  When the start and end locations have been entered, click on the menu button. You’ll find it at the top of the app. Click on Add Stop.  If you are just looking for a general “food” or “gas station”, Google Maps should be able to tell you which ones are on your route, therefore saving time and helping you reach your final destination significantly quicker.

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