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6 Hidden Features on Google Maps

6 Hidden Features on Google Maps

Driving Mode

Having Google Maps open is still useful even when you know where you are going. When Driving Mode is on, you can see and judge the traffic on the route you are taking. You can also find out about interesting detours that are on your current route.  These detours include places such as restaurants and popular tourist destination. By stopping at any of these destinations it can allow you to wait out traffic; therefore making your time more efficiently. To get the most out of Driving Mode, you need to have Location History enabled. To launch driving mode, click the three-dot icon and then press Start Driving. You can also set up one-touch activation for Driving Mode. This can be done by clicking on the long-press on your Android’s home screen and click Widgets. Find the Maps section and hold down on the option for Driving Mode. Then you can place the widget wherever you want.

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