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6 Ways to Keep Packages Being Stolen Off Your Porch

6 Ways to Keep Packages Being Stolen Off Your Porch

Today is the day! You have been waiting for the new Kylie Jenner make-up collection that you won on that Instagram contest and today is the day it is to arrive! You are giddy with excitement. Two weeks. It has been exactly two weeks. You come back from your morning jog to see that the mailman has been past your house and so you run to get your package. But you don’t find it, it’s stolen. It’s gone, and this might not be the first time so here are seven ways to keep packages being stolen from your porch.

#6 Smart Doorbells

You know who is at your doorstep. You can see their very face on your phones. You will be notified if there is a visitor at your doorstep or in this context, a package. So any thieves who try taking your package, won’t be able to get away. Smart doorbells also save you the trouble of getting up to answer the door, you can instruct the person to either barge right in or just not answer since you’re too keen on that Fred and his family who never seem to leave.

#5 Give your work address

This is the safest option as packages are delivered inside the building. But you might not consider this one of you’re not a big fan of juggling boxes from your office to the car and if you travel through buses or trains, then this may be even more difficult. But in case if small parcels, this is ideal. If the building you work in is big, then you need to know that your box can easily be misplaced among other boxes in the mailroom.

#4 Sign up for Amazon key

Amazon Key allows the delivery people to unlock your door and put the package inside. Don’t worry, your house is safe, Amazon makes sure that nothing in your house is touched other than the door so you can come home, to both your house and parcel safe and sound. We know it may seem like a big risk, but Amazon offers a bunch of features to make sure your house and package are in their original shape.

The driver knocks on your door as he arrives, if the door isn’t answered they send a request to Amazon to unlock the door then Amazon verifies if they driver actually does have your package and also notifies you about the delivery while asking you to turn on the Cloud Cam to see it live. Amazon then unlocks your door without letting the driver know the key code, and when he’s done placing the package, he asks Amazon to lock the door. Easy peasy!

#3 Put in your neighbor’s address

If you’re someone who doesn’t communicate with your neighbors because you just don’t see the need, well, we have a reason now. While you’re away at work or out on a date or just anywhere and are also expecting a package, you can give the address of your neighbor whom you trust as a backup. It’s easy for the delivery person and you, yourself. Just pick the parcel up from your neighbor/friend on your way home. Just make sure to give at least the address of two neighbors in case one is not home or pick a person who is always at home if you have the option.

#2 Add delivery instructions

If there is an option of “special instructions” avail it. Write down where you want the package. Do you want it on your back door? Or over the fence maybe? Whatever you choose tell them not to drop it on your front door. This way it will not fall prey to any prying eyes. You can even ask them to hide it behind the flowerpot or in the doghouse.

#1 Schedule Deliveries

You have a job that begins at nine and ends at five. You’re sleeping or getting ready before nine, and you have plans after work with your colleagues, so you get home around nine every day. So, you could opt for scheduled delivery. You know that you will be at home at any cost by a certain fixed time so it is a good idea to give them a time when you’re available so you yourself can receive the package by hand. That is the most reliable way, of course

This is the 21st century, and you must be a bit of a fool to think that in this era, where introversion is a highly opted choice, they wouldn’t have ways to secure their ways of avoiding people, i.e. online shopping. Modern problems require modern solutions. Your packages are safe, and you can be worry free after checking out from that website.