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A New Phone Scam That Can Cost You Thousands

A New Phone Scam That Can Cost You Thousands

Evolution of technology has bridged the gap of communication between millions of people, and while it has brought positive changes in the lives of people, it has its consequences as well in this case in the form of scammers.

The amount of incidents in which people have received phone calls from unknown numbers who claim to be legit organizations and making people hopeful by saying that they have won the lottery is humongous. Moreover, people end up losing thousands of dollars after being scammed.

New Phone Scam doing the rounds

Recently an incident was reported in Florida where two individuals were trying to buy cellphones while using the personal information of someone else at a Verizon store. Both scammers were caught by the local police.

One of them was trying to buy two new phones. While the other person was trying to buy a single smartphone costing $1250.

However, the Verizon store was quick in acting efficiently and dealt with the situation immediately.

Both scammers were arrested from the store although it is still unknown whether the two scammers were together or not, they have been dealt with.

How did the scammers pull it off?

phone scam

The plan was pretty simple and wasn’t complex at all. So it all starts with the scammer getting access to your number either through the dark web or a recent security breach. The scammer contacts you about someone fraudulently using your cellphone account. Then they would ask you to call them back on the number provided.

They would pretend to be customer service inquiring about the possible fraudulent activity form your account. They would claim that they are sending you a verification code via text message and ask you to tell them what it is. Unknowingly throughout this conversation, they would be trying to access your account, and you will be helping them in doing so.

With the verification code in their hands, they can officially enter your account and make changes as they like; hence, they will be able to use that account while probably locking you out.

With access to your account, they will be able to buy new phones. Even if they pay sales tax, you will still be charged with full amount of the phone bought.

How can you protect yourself?

There is always a possibility of coming across unknown situations that most of us become a victim to. Similarly, for cases like these, there are certain steps that can be taken to be safe. First and foremost, always monitor the activities of your account. Specifically notifications about new phones whatsoever.

In addition, one thing that you should keep in mind is that companies like Verizon never ask for verification code. If someone on the other end of the phone is asking for it, do not give them the code.

Another way to secure your account is by using a PIN. This will add another layer of security and protection that will allow you to be safe.

However, if you get a call of similar nature and they ask for your PIN, do not give them your PIN ever. For Verizon customers, they have a service available that allows you to set up a Pin Code number through their website.

As more and more people share a lot of their personal lives on social media and various other platforms. The risk of identity theft has also increased significantly. It is always better to be more cautious than be sorry.

Another Verizon case

Verizon has yet again become a center for cases that are involved with a phone scam. According to new reports Verizon customers have been receiving phone calls asking them to give out their PIN or last 4 of their social. Claiming its for an approval process to perform a repair service on their phones.

A customer fell victim to this scam, and as a result, he was charged thousands of dollars. One way to deal with these calls is to contact the company directly and confirm.

It is better to directly call and inquire. Be aware that sensitive information should not be shared with anyone on the phone.


Cell phone scams have drastically increased over the years, and much of that is due to the recent developments in security breaches. Ignoring these type of phone calls is better than getting involved in a situation blindly that you will be difficult to get out of. By undertaking certain preventive measures, you can be safe and avoid a phone scam.