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A Telemarketer With No Respect For Do Not Call Registry

A Telemarketer With No Respect For Do Not Call Registry

You’re On the Do Not Call Registry and Still Get Calls? Dealing with telemarketers is one of the most annoying part of having a smartphone. Sometimes they can feel downright relentless. The real problem is that most people hang up the phone when they realize it is a telemarketer. Telemarketers will do just about anything to keep you on the phone, precisely because the task itself is so difficult.

If you do not answer their call, you are marked as a “No Answer.” This means they will almost certainly try again the next day. If it’s a smaller company, they might even call back on the same day. Telemarketing campaigns are often aggressive that way. If you do speak to them, they follow a “Three Nos” rule. The telemarketer will do everything to keep you on the phone until they hear no three times. In the meantime, they are gathering all the information they can about you.

How to Handle Telemarketers

Telemarketers keep a profile on you, so the best thing you can do is to avoid saying anything remotely personal. Any information they can get out of you will go into that profile and they will use it against you. This information might include your email address, the best time to call you, your feelings about the product, and more. Again, the best thing to do is to be terse.

Here lies the dilemma. If you talk to them, they will relentlessly try to sell to you, but if you ignore the call, they will just keep calling you back. They are trying to wear you down so you will give them money just to get them off your back. If you pick up the phone and realize it is a telemarketer, your instinct might be to hang up immediately. While this might make sense to you at the time, you will be marked as a “no answer”, so all you are doing is ensuring that they will call you back. So what do you do instead?

When you answer the phone, instead of hanging up, talk to them. However, do not engage them. You do not want to give them the idea that you are open to buying anything. You do not want them to think you can be won over with a little convincing. This will make them even more relentless. Do not tell them why you are not interested in the product because this will just give them something to work with. You also want to avoid getting angry or showing any other kind of emotion. You also want to avoid hanging up mid-conversation. This will make them think you have been disconnected, and they will just call back. Instead, say the line “Please put me on your do not call list.” If they ask why, don’t explain. Just repeat “Please put me on your do not call list.” You have to be firm.

Do Not Call Register

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You should also register with the national do not call list. It is illegal for a company to continuously call you if you are registered on the list. Note that non-profit organizations will still be able to call you, but you can still request they put you on a do not call list. If that does not work, request to speak to a manager. Again use the phrase “Please put me on your do not call list.” Managers are more likely to get the job done because they do not want to waste time dealing with customer issues.

What happens when companies ignore the list? The same logic still applies. Be firm but polite. Tell them you are not interested and request that they stop calling you, but do not give them any opportunity to ask you questions are try to connect with you personally. Get your point across as fast as you can and hang up. They might try to intimidate you or talk over you, but hold your ground. If you refuse to engage them, they will give up much faster than if your try to argue or reprimand them.