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Print photos anywhere with this pint-sized portable printer at a bargain price

Everyone loves sharing photos on Instagram or Facebook, but once upon a time there was such a thing as snapping a photo, printing it on actual photo paper, and sharing it in real life. Whether you’re looking for a fun throwback or you have people in your life who aren’t on IG (heaven forbid!), there’s awesome gadget that lets you relive the magic of the past. It’s called the Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi Portable 4×6” Instant Photo Printer, and it works with iPhones as well as Android phones.

Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi Portable 4×6″ Instant Photo Printer, Premium Quality Full Color Prints – Com…: $137.99

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This $150 device can supposedly calm you down by reading your mind

“MUSE: The Brain Sensing Headband” sounds like the name of something you might expect to see on a joke site. Believe it or not, however, it’s the real deal. We’ve spoken to a bunch of people who have found that the MUSE really does help them meditate and calm themselves. The company can obviously explain it much better than we can, so here’s the important info from the product page:

Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband, Black: $149.99

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Unlock your Windows laptop with a fingerprint thanks to this $22 device

Apple’s Touch Bar on its newer MacBook Pro models is just about useless, but there’s something right next to it that’s awesome. It’s a tiny little fingerprint scanner that you might not have even known is there, and it lets you unlock your laptop with a quick touch. Jealous? Don’t be. If you have a Windows 10 laptop or desktop, you can add the same feature to your computer for just $22. Check out the Idem FCC BioScan Compact USB Fingerprint Scanner on Amazon, which is a tiny little USB dongle with a built-in fingerprint sensor. Plug it in and you can unlock your computer without having to type out that annoying password!

Idem FCC BioScan Compact USB Fingerprint Scanner for [...]

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Goal Zero power banks on sale, including $60 off the Sherpa 100 AC and $360 off the monstrous Yeti 1400

There are a lot of external batteries/power banks/portable chargers out there, and often the experience can be summarized purely in specs. While there’s always odd or unusual behavior to watch out for, you usually know what you’re getting when rated outputs, features, and capacities are all listed. The Goal Zero Sherpa 100 AC Portable power Bank checks a whole lot of boxes if you’re after a really high-end, airline-safe battery, and right now it’s $60 off at multiple retailers, including Amazon, down to just $240 from its usual $300 price tag. Read More

Goal Zero power banks on sale, including $60 off the Sherpa 100 AC and $360 off the monstrous Yeti [...]

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