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You’re running out of time to get the Echo Dot for cars at its best price ever

Of all the deals we’ve covered this week, one in particular has really managed to stir up some buzz. It’s Amazon’s current sale on the Roav VIVA by Anker, a tiny gadget that looks like a regular old car charger adapter. It’s so much more, however; it’s basically an Echo Dot for your car. This nifty device links to your smartphone for connectivity and puts all of Alexa’s power at your fingertips while you drive. Ask Alexa questions, order stuff on Amazon or add things to your wish list, or stream some music while you drive. It’s an awesome device, and it’s currently on sale at its lowest price ever — but only for a couple more days, so [...]

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Best Portable Monitors for PlayStation 4 in 2018

Take your gaming on the road with the GeChich M155, our pick for the best portable monitor for your PlayStation 4.

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Amazon’s new ‘Alexa Skill Blueprints’ feature allows anyone to create custom questions & responses

Amazon is adding new personalization options to Alexa, starting first with users in the United States. The new Alexa Skill Blueprints feature makes it easy for anyone to create a range of custom responses for Alexa, ranging from jokes to instructions and much more.


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The most underrated feature of OnePlus phones? The cases

OnePlus has a lot of things going for its phones. They’re usually the least expensive way to get flagship specs like the latest high-end Qualcomm SoC, and the software experience is close to stock Android. But, in my opinion, their best feature isn’t something you’re likely to notice unless you spend a bit more time and money on the company’s store. That’s because the first-party wood and Kevlar cases OnePlus sells are, without exception, the single nicest I’ve ever used. Read More

The most underrated feature of OnePlus phones? The cases was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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