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Catalyst introduces waterproof case for Google Pixel Buds

Our coworkers over at 9to5Mac have enjoyed the availability of IP67 cases from Catalyst for Apple’s AirPods line. Now, Catalyst is launching a similar waterproof case for the second generation Google Pixel Buds.


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Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds support the same Fast Pair features as Google Pixel Buds

Google has offered up its Fast Pair standard for headphones on Android for a while now, but few companies have actually adopted it. Now, a few weeks after their launch, we’re reminded that Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds support Fast Pair on Android, just like Google’s Pixel Buds.


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NuraLoop review: Incredible earbuds that sound different for everyone

After waiting for more than a year, the NuraLoop earbuds are finally available for purchase. As some of you may know, I’ve been a huge supporter of the original Nuraphone over-ear headphones. This means that the bar is set pretty high for the NuraLoop. But what exactly are they?

For some context, Nura’s entire philosophy revolves around personalized listening. In very basic terms, this means that both the Nuraphone and NuraLoop use very advanced microphone tech to determine how you hear music. This means that how you hear experience the NuraLoop may be different from my experience with them, at least sonically.

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Adidas (yes, that Adidas) makes insanely good Bluetooth headphones

Yes, that Adidas.

When you think of Bluetooth headphones, there are certain companies that come to mind. Whether it be the likes of Bose, Sony, or Sennheiser, these are brands that have established themselves as leaders in this market.

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