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Amazon Leaked User’s Information in Error, Check If Your Name Was Exposed

Amazon Leaked User’s Information in Error, Check If Your Name Was Exposed

Amazon, one of the oldest online shopping site has gained the trust of its millions of users over the past three decades and continues to thrive and prosper. One of the many things that makes Amazon unique is how it revolves around its customers. Always promises to provide the best service.

It makes sure its customers can trust it by allowing honest reviews and whatnot, and it continues to expand its services with the introduction of Amazon Prime, etc. Just like any other online retail company, you can enter your credit card details, your name, and your email and that stays with the company. You are supposed to trust the company to keep it with them.

On the 21st of November, Amazon breached this trust and people started getting emails of apologies from the company for exposing their emails due to some “technical error.”

How bad was it?

In the emails that Amazon issued informing the people of how their emails had been exposed to third parties, it said that there is no need to panic no one’s account passwords were leaked.

Was Everyone Affected?

The number of people affected by this technical error is uncertain. Amazon did not reveal the figures and emailed all the customers who had their details visible.

According to Amazon, this error has been met with. It has nothing to do with your online activity. You don’t need to change your passwords or take some other action.

The people were scared and baffled as they were expected as Amazon is as well known and assumed to be a very secure site. People were afraid of getting other information leaked like their credit card details. These emails caused turmoil on Twitter and other social media sites. People doubted their authenticity. These emails resembled the various other phishing schemes who try to steal the credentials of companies and exploit people. Amazon addressed the issue and assured that it was very real and fixed causing a sigh of relief among people.

Not Everyone Got The Email

The actual number of emails exposed is uncertain. If you didn’t get an apology email from the company that means your email was not exposed. It is as simple as that.

Can I trust Amazon with my information?

Honestly speaking, that lies solely on you. You get to decide who you can and can not trust with your personal information. Any information that gets leaked through Amazon, a big lawsuit and a bad name will follow. It’s safe to assume that it can not afford to bear that risk.  Amazon is the world’s leading online retailer, it is understandable if people begin to doubt its security after the “technical error.”

I can’t even trust the Reviews on the site..

You get to choose who you trust. It’s true, you shouldn’t trust the product reviews on Amazon. Often, sellers send emails to customers offering them discounts if they give them a high rating. Buyers are bribed with gift cards and other selling schemes of the sort in turn for a good review. Sellers are to blamed for this, Amazon just provides the selling platform.

Lawsuit in the past

In 2011, actress Junie Hoang filed a lawsuit of one million dollars against Amazon. Claiming, it revealed her age on IMDb, a site owned by Amazon that Hoang joined to get more recognition and roles. Junie’s age listed publicly was older, leading to her not getting any work. She asked the website owners to take it down, they refused to comply. Claims against Amazon, and most claims against IMDb were dismissed by Judge Marsha J. Pechman; the jury found for IMDb on the sole remaining claim. As of February 2015, the case against IMDb remains under appeal.

Amazon has faced various controversies over the past years. It has always been able to come out strong and grows. Today it is ranked as the third most valuable company in the world.

Apart from a few lapses, Amazon has continued to serve its customers what it has promised. It has kept coming up with unique ways to facilitate them. And you already know how useful it is. Where else are you going to find forty- thousand ladybugs in a jar available for shipment overnight. We’d advise you to not worry about this one minor setback that has been fixed. Browse with ease at the earth’s most customer-eccentric company.