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America’s Fastest Mobile Network by Every State

America’s Fastest Mobile Network by Every State

Nowadays, being connected to the internet is a basic human need. It became intertwined within our lives, to the point that we can’t really get much done without our beloved connection.

As we all wait for the technology of 5G, carriers try their best to improve the networks before the full implementation. It’s going to take some time for the technology to be available for ordinary users. But recent reports show results that are quite promising when it comes to improving the quality and speed of internet connections across the country.

In a recent report done by OpenSignal, they’ve tested all major mobile networks in the US and how they performed in regards to download and upload speed. Not only that, they’ve also tested how each network performed against each state. The findings were pretty satisfying. And us as online users can’t wait to see what’s more to come.

How Did They Make the Report?

OpenSignal managed to parse around 8 billion data points along a period of 90 days. These data were collected from approximately 400k devices using these networks: Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T.

The report intended to test out the performance of 3G and 4G services offered by these networks. OpenSignal were determined to figure out how these services are doing in major cities. Another report was released earlier this year in January. When compared with the findings finalized in June, we can definitely notice a rapid improvement in speed, paving the way for the new upcoming technology.

Which Network Is the Best By Far?

Fastest Mobile Network

According to OpenSignal, some networks passed 20 Mbps in download speed. This shows obvious improvements when compared with earlier reports. T-Mobile upped their speed with a 2 Mbps boost, and Verizon did even better with a 3-Mbps rise to their 4G connection. Verizon had to battle a drop in their speed due to their unlimited data plans. However, they came out strong and even strengthened the connection.

AT&T also had to battle the same drop in speeds due to unlimited plans. However, they managed to come out of the ordeal with a 17% boost in their download speed. Sprint, on the other hand, made the most remarkable improvement to their networks. They closed a 48% increase in download speed. It shows how the company is working rigorously to bring out the best to their customers.

All that aside, T-Mobile came out as the dominant carrier. Their download and upload speed, and all other metrics studied in the OpenSignal report, indicate the high quality of performance offered by the company.

But let’s go ahead and explore how these carriers fair in different American states!

Which States Have the Best 4G Connection?

You might think that tech hub cities would have the best internet yet, but new findings beg to differ. Mississippi users experienced their 4G connection at a speed of 12.1 Mbps, whereas users in New Jersey relished a whopping speed of 32.9 Mbps.

Cities in the mid-Atlantic and New England area saw the highest 4G speeds, with Oklahoma City coming at the very bottom. The top ranking cities showed twice the speed of lowest ranking cities, which is quite alarming when you’re comparing cities against each other.

The two cities that are deemed to have the best 4G yet are Minneapolis and Cleveland. Los Angeles, surprisingly, doesn’t really rank that well, coming at the 30th place on the list. New York shows the best upload speeds yet. So, if you’re the kind of person who shares photos and videos a lot, this would be the best city to conduct your online affairs.

Will 5G Make a Huge Difference?

5G technology is expected to be available in around 20 U.S cities by the end of 2019. Users and networks are expecting a lot from the technology, given that the theoretical rate of speed at which the technology will run is estimated around 10 gigabytes. Still, things are not final until the full implementation.

This should revolutionize how we interact with our phones. LTE technology will still be available for users across the country. However, the new technology will open doors we haven’t explored before. Imagine sending a file to your friend with a size greater than a gigabyte through your phone in a matter of seconds!

Manufacturers will have to keep up with the new changes. We’d expect phones, tablets, laptops, and any other mobile device to have a larger storage limit there on. All we have to do at the moment is to wait and see how things would go. Carriers are already showing great promise with their 4G improvements across the country. The new technology will not be easy to implement, and step-backs might arise along the way.

It’s challenging, but it definitely sounds like it deserves the wait.

OpenSignal have dedicated their workforce to show us how our carriers are fairing around all states. The new findings are pretty decent compared to earlier 4G reports. We’ve seen how some carriers are doing their best, although not coming at the top of the list. The competition will rise from there with the promise of 5G technology.

Have you tested your 4G speed in different states? Have you noticed remarkable changes in your online experience? Let us know in the comments section below. We’re more than thrilled to hear from you.