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Android Auto 2019 Update – Tips and Tricks

Android Auto 2019 Update – Tips and Tricks

Using your car dash has never been easier, all because of Android Auto 2019. With this new updated interface, you’ll never run into any kind of hassle on the road. The adjustments can be deemed minor, but they make a huge difference when all your attention is ahead.

Developers have made it available for modern drivers to use all the tech they could, and still keep their hands where they should be. The Android Auto interface is designed to facilitate all the tasks you might want to do while driving. From choosing the music you like to using your preferred navigation app, the new layout makes it much easier to get there.

The update should be applied to all devices in a month or so. But since it’s already here, let’s just go ahead and try it out for ourselves. We’ll show you how to activate it first, and then tell you all about the tips and tricks that come with the newly updated Android Auto interface.

How to Activate the New Android Auto 2019 Interface?

Well, it’s fairly easy to do so. Just access the Android Auto app on your smartphone and tap on the three-dotted menu button on the top left. Once you’re there, just choose Settings and you’ll find an option dubbed ‘Try the new Android Auto.’ Just click to toggle it on.

And that’s it! Once you’re done with those couple of simple steps, you’ll have the new update ready to be tested out. Let’s just jump right into the new features that were added and how you can benefit from them.

A Redesigned Android Auto Interface

Android Auto 2019

When it comes to tech, it’s all about design and simplicity. Android Auto got rolled out back in 2014; and since then, it hasn’t undergone a major update like this one. The core idea behind the changes is to make the driver tap the screen much less. Also, optimizing the system to work with other apps in unison so they can all enhance your driving experience.

First of all, the interface has a darker theme that matches the vehicle’s interior. It just goes well with what’s around it and looks less distracting. We might still have to wait for other developers to keep up with the update and make dark themes available for their apps as well.

Another great feature is that whenever you start your car, it will instantly activate your favorite navigation app. It will also play the music you were playing the last time you were in the vehicle. If you’d like to turn that off, you can do so on your smartphone by following the previous steps and scrolling down to find “Automatically resume media” and disable it.

But it’s a really cool feature. It’s a lot similar to when you start your engine and the radio starts playing right away. But to each their own.

Controlling Music & Apps Has Never Been Easier

Android Auto 2019

The update comes with a newly added widget at the bottom of the screen to control the music at all times. You don’t have to leave your navigation app in order to change the music or turn it off anymore. And that’s the whole point of the update. The developers are trying to make the interface way more accessible with fewer taps and user actions.

If you’d like to get to your music app, you’ll find an icon on the bottom left. Also, you’ll find something similar to the app drawer on Android smartphones called app launcher. Recently used apps will be put at the top, usually navigation, communications and music.

You’ll notice in the app launcher that certain apps have an Assistant icon next to them. It indicates that Google Assistant can provide you with an overview of information in regards to that specific app. Take weather for instance. Once you click the Assistant icon next to it, it will read out the information in regards to today’s weather. Google developers said that more customizable options should be available in the future.

The notification center has also been updated and improved. You can now have Google Assistant read out all the notifications you’ve received, and you can respond via voice commands as well.

Assistant’s Driving Mode

What happens if your car doesn’t really support Android Auto? Well, that’s not the end of the world. You’d have to use your smartphone, and Google’s got you covered with a special Google Assistant mode that is specifically designed for drivers.

It’s simply a dashboard with all the information you might need. You’ll see events on your calendar, navigation instructions to your destination and quick options to place a call. The dashboard will also provide you with music recommendations based on things you’ve played before.

As for notifications, they’ll also be read out and controlled through voice commands. You have the options to swipe up and get media controls. Your navigation instructions would then be placed at the top, so you may not miss a turn while controlling your media options.

Some tech experts speculate that the Assistant Driving Mode is essential what the Android Auto will be. However, no comments were made by Google in regards to the matter.

New Remote Vehicle Controls

That’s a new feature that is exclusive to cars that are compatible with either Mercedes-Benz’s Mercedes me connect or Hyundai’s Blue Link. If you have a car that is supported, you’ll be able to connect it to Assistant and then control some functions before you even leave home. You can do so through Google Home or Assistant on your smartphone. You’ll be able to check the status of your car, get the temperature started and unlock doors. It’s amazing how far technology has got us.

That’s it for now, folks. Make sure to go ahead and activate the new Android Auto update. It’s one of the major tech events this year, and lots of users are just going to love it. The new interface makes it much easier to use your car’s dashboard while driving.

What do you think of the new layout of Android Auto? Do you think it’s more driving-friendly? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.