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Anonymous Person Calls Himself Santa Pays For All at Walmart in Vermont

Anonymous Person Calls Himself Santa Pays For All at Walmart in Vermont

The holiday season is here! It’s time to drive to the mall and pick out the best that you can afford for your loved ones because well… you love them. You’re ready with your budget and a list in hand. Sammy wanted air pods, and Jonny has been waiting on a new trainset. It’s time to put a little pebble on your heart and extend your generosity. It is time to spread happiness across. If you were at Walmart in Vermont last week, you would have experienced the munificence which was displayed by a random citizen.

On November 15, before Thanksgiving, this random civilian about whom nothing is known apart from that he is a fan of Patriots that too we only know from the jacked he wore, walked in Walmart and paid for everyone’s tabs, even for their layaways. Layaway is a payment method in which customers give a small deposit for the thing they wish to purchase and come back to pick it up when that have the full amount. He paid for their layaways, he rid them of the debt they were getting in. How wholesome is that?

Who Is That?

Do you know what the best part is? He didn’t do it to get acknowledged or praised or anything. In fact, no one had a chance to take a picture of his face, or maybe he was too quick for their camera. He wouldn’t even give up his name. One woman reported that when she inquired upon his name, he said that he was KrissKringle, which is another word for Santa.

Was It Really Santa?

When this woman saw him paying for everything, she asked him who could afford to pay for it he replied with a simple “Santa can”. She said that she was sure that he was her Santa Clause and that her face will forever remain fresh in her memory for he helped many and took away the worries of their Christmas expenditure and how they can not afford the presents they want to purchase. We believe that if not Santa, he is the closest thing to him we know of. It’s heartwarming to see such acts, and it uplifts your faith in humanity again.

Our dignity kicks in almost every time someone expresses their desire to pay on our behalf. Of course this was the same case with many people that day too. Who wouldn’t feel bad letting a total stranger pay for their stuff? To some, it can be offensive, and we understand it but this Santa’s intentions were pure. He wasn’t trying to belittle people, just uplifting their spirits but some people were not able to see it.

The same woman reported of overhearing our Santa’s conversation. Another customer was very adamant on paying for his own things, but our KrissKringle made a very nonnegotiable statement “Either I am going to pay for it now, or I am going to pay for it later.”

Why Did He Do It?

In times as hard and as unforgiving as these, we are always reminded to expect the worst possible thing to take place. But this big generous act left many mouths ajar. It baffles many that how can someone just walk in and start spending their hard earned money on complete strangers. What was his motive? Was he a political figure trying to butter up the potential voters, to slowly move in his forces and become president 2020? He had no motive of the sort. He passed on his message to a shopper there, it was simply asking everyone to be kind to everyone. This man is a hero with a heart of gold. Its truly frustrating that we do not know who he is or what he looks like.

His humility can be assessed as he was dressed as an average, everyday man. No diamond pinkie rings or four-figure shoes or furls, just a plain dude. He did not want to be noticed which further proves his pure intentions. The man was an angel sent from heaven for all the people in Walmart that day and a reminder of the importance of kindness and magnanimity.

A woman told how she had tears in her eyes as she left the store because of this act of kindness she had witnessed. We don’t blame her, this was truly awe-inspiring. Acts like these restore our faith in humanity again. They make you believe that there is still good out there, guns and bombs and wars have not made us lose hope in the ray of hope we have. We learn that not all heroes wear capes and some just waltz into Walmart and pay your layaway.