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Remove these Android apps from your phone immediately

By now, the pattern is pretty familiar. In spite of the company stepping up its detection efforts, Google can’t seem to eliminate sketchy applications from sneaking their way into the Google Play Store where they often rack up millions of downloads before being found and eliminated.

The latest culprits that have been found are a handful of camera and VPN apps that have collectively racked up several hundred million downloads.

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Microsoft Edge for Android now has a dark mode

With its Edge browser, Microsoft wanted to start with a clean slate and make people forget about Internet Explorer. In its race to popularity, the company has understood one of the most requested features is dark mode, which is why it just updated its mobile app with one.

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The most exciting Google Maps feature ever is about to get even better

About a month ago, Google released the most exciting Google Maps feature ever to more Android and iPhone devices that support augmented reality (AR) features. That’s the Live View mode that places virtual directions right on top of an actual view of your surroundings with the help of the phone’s camera. AR usage definitely eats into battery life, of course, that’s why you wouldn’t use Live View mode continuously on your device. But it turns out that Google might have another exciting trick in the works that could significantly improve Google Maps navigation while walking, and further reduce the need to bring up Live View on the screen.

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