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Google Maps wants to help you avoid traffic and crowds over Thanksgiving

Other than overeating and argument at the dinner table, the most frustrating part of Thanksgiving is the travel. You can’t go anywhere without being swarmed by traffic, whether you’re on foot, on the road, or in the airport. But Google is well aware of this frustration, which is why the search giant put together an interactive site examining search terms and traffic patterns to give travelers a cheat sheet of sorts to avoid big crowds.

Up first are the search trends, which show where people in each state are most likely to travel over the Thanksgiving weekend. In New York, they want to visit art centers and music venues. The Midwest will spend the holiday at home [...]

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Google Maps just turned into a messaging app with this new feature

Google Maps is in the midst of pulling off a pretty interesting evolution these days, going from being a simple navigational tool that helps you get from Point A to Point B and into the app equivalent of a Swiss Army knife.

It’s now packed with tons of features that include a Yelp-like ability to do some quick research on a restaurant as well as the ability to share your ETA with friends and family. And because Google very much wants you staying in the app as long as possible and using it to interact with businesses you’re trying to find, it’s also just become yet another messaging app.

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Meet Squoosh, Google’s powerful new image converter that works in any browser

Google just launched a powerful new image converter called Squoosh at its Chrome Developer Conference that’s going to help you convert a bunch of image formats into the kind of image you want to use. Squoosh is an online tool that works in any browser, not just Google Chrome, but the entire process takes place on the computer and everything is saved locally.

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