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How to prevent apps "sleeping" in the background on Android

Keep your notifications syncing on time with these steps

There’s nothing worse than picking up your phone, turning it on, only to realize the notification it’s just received was probably supposed to have reached you 10 minutes (or, you know, hours) ago. Annoyingly, the root cause of this is frequently Android itself, trying to manage your phone’s battery life by forcing “low” priority apps to go to sleep, with the end result being those delayed notifications. Fortunately, Android does offer you the ability to configure this behavior on some level, on an app-by-app basis, so that you can be more confident that notifications will be received when [...]

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Android TV’s YouTube app hits 50 million downloads, hinting at the platform’s popularity

One app you’ll find pre-installed on pretty much every Android TV device is YouTube. Now, that app has crossed the milestone of being downloaded 50 million times, giving us a rough idea of how popular the platform is.


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Google’s new social distancing AR tool shows exactly how far people need to back away from you, please

It’s called Sodar, and it runs right in your Android phone’s Chrome browser

We’re probably all familiar with the six-foot/two-meter social distancing guidelines being promoted these days, but not everyone can easily visualize what that sort of space means. Short of a tape measure, some folks are just left with an approximate guess, but Google has released an easy web-based augmented reality experiment that makes visualizing social distancing guidelines a whole lot easier.

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