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Battery Calibration On Android Phone For Better Performance And Longer Battery Life

Battery Calibration On Android Phone For Better Performance And Longer Battery Life

Charging your phone over and over or more frequently than you used to, could be because your Android Phones needs Battery Calibration. Regular problems with phone battery charging is driving all the smartphone users mad. Nowadays it is extremely important to be in touch all day long. Without knowing your real battery level, you can miss an important business call or lose a chance to contact your relatives and friends because your device can shut down at any second. So, if you are tired of recharging the phone in the midday, this article will be useful for you.

Damaged battery

First of all, you have to inspect the battery of your device carefully. Turn off the smartphone and remove its cover. If the battery is swollen, you have to visit the service center or the repair shop. Most likely, you will have to get rid of the battery and buy the new one. We strongly recommend you to go with original accessories and not to use cheap ones. The unreliable analogs will present you with redundant headache.

You can also find the problem even without removing the cover. Put the phone on the table and look at it attentively. If it does not sit flat on the surface of the table, your battery is not in a normal condition.

You should also look for leaks. The damaged battery is covered with leaks.

Calibration of the battery

Well, your battery is not damaged and you are completely satisfied with its condition. However, something is still wrong. It means you need Battery Calibration.

Let’s find out what the calibration is. The Android phones have built-in indicators of all the statistics. These features allow the operating system display the current battery level on the screen. If the indicator doesn’t work properly, you may be shown the 20% battery level when in fact it is 5% or less.

The calibration of your battery will reset its statistics. The fresh and correct data will be generated and showed to you.

The batterystats.bin file

Some experts are pretty sure that if you delete the batterystats.bim file, you’ll see Battery Calibration happened magically. However, this method will not always help you solve the problem.

This file just contains the data about the battery’s usage on most devices. And we are interested in the percentage meter that can be fixed by calibrating the battery.

The cache partition

You must clear the cache partition before calibrating your battery. Start with rebooting your phone into recovery mode. Then find “Wipe Data/Factory reset” and choose the “Wipe Cache Partition” option. Now you can go on.

Android devices without root access

If you are fed up with the battery of your non-rooted device, you will want to try this method even though it is pretty clumsy. Be sure you are ready for it, as this trick can cause the further problems and inconveniences. Are you looking for the guarantees? Well, there are none of them here.

So, there are the steps you will have to go through for Battery Calibration:

  • Discharge your smartphone fully and wait until it turns off;
  • Turn the device on and wait until it turns off one more time;
  • Charge the phone without turning it on until the battery level is 100%;
  • Turn the phone on after unplugging the charger;
  • Take a look at the battery level and charge your phone again until you see 100% on the device’s screen;
  • Unplug the phone and restart it (this procedure can be repeated several times until the battery level is 100% or close to it);
  • Use the device normally until the battery is drained;
  • Charge your phone fully again.

That’s it. All these actions will make your Android system act much better and show you the remaining level of the battery charge.

Once again, you have to be very careful with this method. It can ruin your battery as well as save it. Perform this type of calibration once in three or four months to avoid the dreadful effects.

Android devices with root access

Everything is much easier when you have root access. All you need to do is to visit the Play Store and download one of the free Battery Calibration applications.

You have to go through the following steps before launching the app:

  • Use your phone until the battery is completely drained;
  • Charge the switched off device fully;
  • Unplug the phone and turn it on;
  • Charge the battery to 100%;
  • Restart the phone and make sure the battery level is really 100% or close to it (if it is not so, repeat the procedure several times);

Now you can launch the app and recalibrate the battery. Keep on using the phone until it turns off at the 0% charge level. Charge the battery fully and get the truly info on your desktop finally.


As you can see, it should take some time to calibrate the battery of your phone. It is also a pretty risky procedure. However, all the described methods are worth trying. If you have no money for buying the new phone or you have got used to your lovely device and don’t want to change it, you need make it work properly. The displaying of the real battery level is a very important part of the proper work.

Don’t panic if you don’t get the results. The battery of your phone can be damaged even though you can’t see it. Visit the experts and follow their instructions. There are also many places where you can buy the new battery even though the model of your phone is rather old.

Try one of the ways or combine them and don’t forget to share your experience in the commentaries section below. We will be glad to know whether this material is useful for our readers.

Feel free to ask all the questions you are interested in. Write about the other methods of calibrating the battery if we have missed them in the article.