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Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 and Surface updates are causing major headaches

Windows 10 has undoubtedly been a significant improvement over its predecessors, but the latest operating system from Microsoft isn’t without its issues. Over the past several days, a variety of substantial issues have cropped up for Windows users, most of which appear to stem from recently released firmware updates.

The more urgent of the two issues is affecting both the Surface Pro 6 and Surface Book 2, according to TechRepublic. Users of these two devices have been complaining that their CPUs are being throttled down to 400 MHz, which is just a fraction of the speeds the two devices are capable of reaching. Based on the timing and frequency of Reddit posts regarding [...]

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How to fix the Android bug that’s been killing your phone’s battery

If you’ve been experiencing worse battery life than usual on your Android smartphone recently, you should know that you’re not alone. There’s an Android bug that’s responsible for the recent battery issues, and the good news is that you can fix it yourself before Google rolls out a more permanent solution.

A core Android app is responsible for the excessive energy consumption, and that’s Google Play Services version 18.3.82, Android Police explained earlier this week.

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Heads up: The latest Play Services update has a battery drain problem

Google Play Services is both a blessing and a curse. Over the years, the software has become the essential motor driving Android devices, with a lot of former system APIs being transferred to the all-encompassing software. Push notifications, background operations, fast GPS functionality, and more are bundled within the application. Unfortunately, this means that any bugs with Play Services will affect almost all devices running a Google-sanctioned version of Android. Such a bug has surfaced with the latest update to version number 18.3.82, which churns through standby battery regardless of which phone you’re using. Read More

Heads up: The latest Play Services update has [...]

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WhatsApp security flaws can fake messages from you, and there’s no fix

WhatsApp security flaws revealed by security researchers at this year’s Black Hat conference would allow someone to fake messages from you.

Check Point Research says that it found three different ways to exploit the vulnerability, including the ability to put words in your mouth…

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