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Samsung finally fixed one of the Galaxy S10’s biggest problems

Whether we’re talking about facial recognition or fingerprint sensor technology, the thing smartphone users care about most when unlocking their devices is speed. That said, the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor on Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 smartphones left a lot to be desired.

Embedded into the display itself, the fingerprint sensor, while admittedly cool, was plagued with all sorts of problems early on. Aside from successful efforts to fool the sensor, users complained that the feature was unreliable far too often. What’s more, even when the device accurately recognized an authorized user, the unlocking speed was said to be frustratingly slow.

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Microsoft is finally fixing one of the worst things about Windows 10

Ever since Microsoft launched the first Windows 10 version into the wild, the company chased market share at the expense of user experience. Many PC owners found their systems upgraded to Windows 10 out of the blue, as Microsoft would force Windows 10 downloads and installs on users. This was easily the worst thing about the Windows 10 upgrade, at least until users discovered all the strange privacy-infringing features of the first Windows 10 versions. Things have improved since the early days of Windows 10, but it took a few years for Microsoft to finally realize that Windows users prefer to upgrade their computers at their own pace. Moving forward, future Windows 10 upgrades will [...]

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PSA: If you’re having trouble w/ AirPods 2 on Android, you probably need to update firmware

Just a couple of weeks ago, Apple quietly unveiled its new AirPods 2, a revised version of the world’s most popular wireless earbuds. Despite that they work better with iOS, they’re still a popular choice for Android users. However, AirPods 2 with Android do have a slight snag. They don’t seem to work well until you’ve updated the firmware… which requires an iOS device.


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Some Galaxy S10 owners are are seeing lower signal strength than expected

As impressed as we were with the Galaxy S10 hardware when we got our hands on it late last month, the software is apparently not living up to expectations. Citing complaints from Galaxy S10 owners and its own tests, Android Police reported this week that Samsung’s latest flagship is suffering from signal strength issues. These issues seem to arise based on a variety of factors, including carrier, frequency, and even the use of a phone case.

While Sprint comes up frequently in this thread on the official Samsung community forums, S10 owners on AT&T and T-Mobile have chimed in as well. With over 252 replies in the thread, it’s clear that this isn’t an [...]

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