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If your Pixel 2 has been lagging lately, you’re not alone

Google this fall will launch the Pixel 3 series, which includes Google’s own iPhone X clone, and it’s likely the phone will soon become one of the hottest Android handsets of the year.

But while we wait for the Pixel 3 to arrive, we have to share with you this weird Pixel 2 performance issue. Some users are experiencing performance issues that are very surprising for a phone that’s not only supposed to be a pretty expensive flagship device, but also a device that runs Google’s unaltered Android vision.

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How to fix a shaking screen in Google Daydream

A shaking screen is a fast way to ruin a VR experience. Here’s how to fix it!

There are certain pieces of your phone or VR headset that’ll make your virtual experience either great or downright terrible. One that most users are familiar with is pixel density: low resolution displays look like a screen door just a few inches from your eyes, so high-res displays are a must. Another factor that gets less attention is positional accuracy, since this normally just works. The sensors inside your phone know when you turn your body, so you turn in the virtual world. Those same sensors know when you stop physically turning, so you don’t overshoot where you’re [...]

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Android 9 Pie causing fast charging issues for many Google Pixel XL (2016) owners

Google’s Pixel devices have all supported fast charging over USB-C PD, and that has managed to cause some headaches over the past couple of years. With the Android Pie update, though, it seems something snapped and the functionality isn’t working for many users.


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Android Pie finally fixes the Wear OS phone call audio bug after 10 months

In late 2017, Wear OS users reported via Google’s issue tracker that Bluetooth call audio was thoroughly busted. Then, they waited… and waited. This has been going on for so long that Wear OS was still Android Wear when the issue was initially reported. At last, we’re getting confirmation from users that the bug has been patched in Android 9 Pie. It only took Google 10 months.

This was a particularly annoying bug for Wear OS users because it affected multiple apps and you might not even realize it’s the watch at first. You’re supposed to be able to move call audio between the phone and watch (with a speaker) by enabling the “Play phone voice [...]

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