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Huawei’s P40 may come with five cameras, 120Hz display

Another camera beast from Huawei

What you need to know

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How hackers hijacked Android phone cameras without anyone knowing

The camera experience is one of the most important features on phones these days, and all smartphone vendors out there are in a race that has no end in sight to deliver the best mobile camera in the world. Google and Samsung are two of the leading contenders in this contest, but it turns out that Pixel and Galaxy phones suffered from a severe security issue that could have allowed hackers to access all photos and videos on a device without the user’s knowledge. Moreover, hackers could activate the camera in real-time to extract information such as the user’s location, or record voice calls. The security was a lot broader than Google and Samsung phone, Google explained. And while [...]

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Google and Samsung camera app flaws left devices vulnerable to spying eyes

A new security vulnerability has been discovered inside the Android camera app that potentially affects hundreds of millions of phones across the world. Discovered by a team of security researchers at Checkmarx, the exploit allows a malicious app with access to a phone’s storage system to bypass Google’s permission safety net and completely spy on users.

Since photos and videos are considered to be sensitive information, Google enforces a permission system that prevents third-party applications from accessing the camera app and its data without a user’s explicit consent (referred to as intents). Read More

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Facebook bug can secretly turn on your iPhone camera while you browse

As a company beleaguered by a seemingly endless string of scandals and public relations gaffes, the last thing Facebook needs is the discovery of a bug that calls the company’s commitment to privacy into question. And yet, that’s exactly what happened this week.

As it turns out, there’s a pesky bug in Facebook’s iOS app that activates the iPhone camera in the background, all without any overt indication to users. The bug was brought to light by designer Joshua Maddux who discovered that the iOS camera is sometimes called into action while a user is innocently perusing their news feed.

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