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Common Android Problems And How To Fix Them

Common Android Problems And How To Fix Them

When you start using an Android smartphone, it’s all hale and hearty, but as time passes it might start showing a few problems and issues. While there are many of us who are tempted to purchase a new phone every time a new problem might pop up, but let me assure you, there are several ways to overcome these issues with very simple solutions. As always we are here to provide you easiest and effective solution, so here we are presenting a list of common Android problems with effective solutions to overcome them

1. Low Internal Memory

One of the very common and annoying problems of using an Android smartphone is a low internal memory.  when your phone shows “Low internal memory”, it’s quite heart-breaking as it also means that you have to let go all the old photos, files, and applications that you have stored in your very beloved device over the years. But before hitting the delete button to clear up space, have you ever tried that is files to the cloud?

Cloud provides similar service like Dropbox, Google drive for storing documents and Google photos for photos. It is a very convenient and easy way to save your the device’s internal memory.

Not all Smartphones available are blessed with features like expandable memory, so the option of inserting a memory card gets chalked out. There are apps like SD Maid which helps to clean up the junk. You’ll be amazed by the amount of space it clears with just one click.

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