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How to convert your DVDs and enjoy them on Huawei Mediapad M3

How to convert your DVDs and enjoy them on Huawei Mediapad M3

Rip your own DVDs and you won’t have to worry about Wi-Fi or the cloud!

There are plenty of Android tablets which have an incredible display. The Huawei Mediapad M3 is a good example. A 2560×1600 screen is awesome for a lot of things, though it is really wonderful for viewing movies. It is like having a cinema in your hands.

There are many platforms where you can watch the movies, like on Netflix, or Google Play Movies, or HBO are actually loaded with films you are able to stream or even download, though a great deal of us have films on disc. While you are able to connect several portable DVD players on the USB port on several tablets, that is annoying to create and also makes for an additional point to take with you. There is a simpler fix. Rip the films you currently have so you are able to enjoy them on the tablet of yours. And also the best and easiest method of doing it’s absolutely free.


If you are browsing about ripping DVDs for Android, you have noticed people discuss Handbrake. It is a free, open source program for Windows, Linux or Mac which can change videos from a single structure to another. You will find a load of choices in case you are the kind that wants to mess with things, though it’s a built-in setting to carry a DVD (either a real disc or maybe a picture of one) and also convert it right into a file which plays on your Android. It works wonderfully!

To get going, you have to add Handbrake on a pc. Although it is going to work on nearly every laptop or PC, a faster pc is definitely better. Alas, it does not focus on a Chromebook unless you have fitted Linux on it.

Your computer will need a DVD drive. Since the individuals that make laptop computers would rather they be tiny than use a DVD drive built in, you may have to acquire an external USB DVD drive. The great news: they are inexpensive! You can find lots to pick out from, and I could suggest LG’s Super Multi Ultra Slim Portable DVD Writer Drive. It’s an absurd name though a low price tag, and I use one with my MacBook Pro since it was $50 less than the one on the Apple Store. You are able to snag it, and the hundreds of various other versions, at Amazon.

You have to download and install Handbrake. Here you will see a lot of various sites you are able to obtain it from but stay with the official website since nearly all of the others have more garbage plans within the installer. No person wants or maybe needs ad or browser toolbars filled video players. You can install it like other programs after downloading.

Download Handbrake from its official site

Now you need a DVD. And you need to know that the companies who distribute movies think copying a DVD you paid for shouldn’t be legal. I believe the businesses have to keep from the business of mine and also certainly will stuff it in case they believe they get to express to me what you should do with issues I settled for.

I cannot determine what you believe, therefore I am simply letting you know that a guy in a $1,000 fit may say you are stealing in case you copy a $15 DVD you bought. You can use copied DVD (the ones with folders and a lot of files) or already ripped DVD video.

I don’t want to know where or how you got those, but they work just and the original.

Now the easy step-by-step:

  1. Put the DVD in the drive, and close any video player that might have opened.
  2. Open Handbrake. On the screen, you see when it starts, it asks you for a source file. That’s your DVD.
  3. On the right side of the Handbrake window is a list of presets to transcode the DVD into playable formats. Scroll down and you’ll see several presets for Android.

  1. Choose the quality you want your copy to use. I suggest you use 1080p at 30 fps. The copy will look almost as good as the original does with this setting.
  2. In the middle of the Handbrake window, you need to tell the program where to save the copy. Click the Browse button and choose a place on your computer. This is just like saving any other file so you can save it anywhere.



  1. At the top of the Handbrake window is a Green play button that says Start Encode. Click it.
  2. Wait while Handbrake converts your DVD into a movie you can watch on your tablet.

You’ll find a couple of things you need to understand. First of all, this might take a while. Some of it depends on the computer you’re using and how powerful it is, but it just takes time to go through every frame of a video and convert it to another format. You are able to really work on the computer of yours while Handbrake is actually doing its thing, but in case something like participating in a game or even dealing with serious files in Photoshop is tried by you, you are able to result in Handbrake to errors out.

For reference, I used my gaming rig to check things. An 84-minute DVD (Cloverfield, in case you are curious) took approximately 18 minutes from beginning to end. The PC comes with an overclocked Intel Core i7, 32 GB of RAM, and two NVIDIA 980Ti video cards. An even better PC is going to be ready to transcode a DVD just a little quicker, along with a laptop with specs which are not as great requires slightly longer. But do not care, even a thing such as a MacBook Air is going to be ready to live green. It’ll simply take five or perhaps ten additional minutes.

There is a setting in Handbrake which tells the computer what to do once the transcoding is finished. You can set it to shut everything down so you can go do other stuff while it’s working. When you grow back you will have a message of your respective DVD to play on the tablet of yours and the computer of yours is shut off.

Handbrake also offers a lot of options. In case among the Android presets are used by you, you do not have to touch any of them. Unless you want subtitles, that is. Before you begin encoding, click on the tab in the middle of the Handbrake windows which claims Subtitles and browse through the drop-down checklist to discover what choices your original DVD offers. Choose one and you’re good to go.

Almost all that is left is copying the brand new clip file to the tablet of yours or maybe an SD card so that you are able to enjoy it with the favorite video player of yours!


image credit: androidcentral