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Convert Handwritten Notes to Text on Your Phone & Tablet

Convert Handwritten Notes to Text on Your Phone & Tablet

There’s a ton of apps and new features out there that can convert notes to text. It’s not even possible to try them all in one lifetime. We’re greedy, and we’re not afraid to admit it. We’d like to get our hands on whatever we can and try it out for ourselves.

And speaking of hands, what’s better than caressing a fresh blank paper when you’re about to write your thoughts down? Yes, we tend to enjoy keypads and keyboards and utilize them to the best of their ability. But nothing compares to the real feeling of pen and paper. You can type in your grocery list on your smartphone or anything on the go. But when you’re about to confide your thoughts, you’d find yourself drawn to the natural ink and stack of actual paper.

This can be a little bit confusing sometimes, documenting some of your writings through both digital and physical means. You might find yourself unable to locate a certain note, or even lose track of what you’ve written.

Thankfully, technology always seems to provide a solution that would satisfy a dire need in new-age users. Some devices out there actually let you store your handwritten notes into digital form, either through converting them into text; or simply storing your notebook in a digital form. Let’s just go ahead and check out how these amazing devices and apps work:

Notes To Text by Moleskine

This little devil will make your ideas take a new shape and form. It seems that developers worldwide are trying to make everything “smarter” and more exemplary of the level of high-end technology we’ve reached.

Moleskine is dividing its Smart Writing System into three segments: a Bluetooth pen that tracks your writings as you scribble down with the pen itself. It also comes with special paper that helps in the tracking of the movement of the pen. Both of these items are managed by an app that outputs the whole process into digital form, providing you with clear searchable text of what you’ve written.

The app also offers different kind of options for you to choose from. Once you’re done writing, your notes will be saved in a Microsoft Document File, converting your notes to text. It allows you to translate the document into 15 languages if you’d like to do so. You can store up to 1000 pages on the app itself. However, you can transfer your files easily from the app to your email or Google Drive account. In case you’d like to keep your original handwriting style, you can choose to adjust the thickness of the pen however you like.

Livescribe Notes To Text

Notes to Text

Another great way to convert notes to text is Livescribe. It works in a similar way to Moleskin, but has some more features to your liking. It has the pens, it has the notebook and the app as well. You can choose between two options: one is Livescribe 3, which provides a pen that syncs with an app similar to Moleskin. The second one is Livescribe Echo, which is a pen that needs to be plugged into a pc through a USB port.

Just like the previous example, the pens have storage of their own. You can write as much as you please and save the data on your pen until you sync it with your device or app. Although the two models of Livescribe share the same capabilities, they differ in some ways. For example, the Livescribe 3 allows you to convert your notes into texts just like Moleskin. But you can also export your writings to other apps like Evernote and Onenote.

Livescribe Echo, on the other hand, has a really cool feature that is not included in the examples above. If you’re the kind of person who likes to document thoughts and convert notes to text as quickly as possible, it offers you an audio-recording option. It has a built-in speaker that records your notes on the go!

Although Livescribe have more features than Moleskin, the price is actually a bit lower when the items are combined! It’s a great way to up your note-taking game!

Neo Smartpen N2

Notes to Text

Well, this might be a little bit familiar if you’ve used Moleskine before. The company actually used a re-branded replica of this pen. So basically, if you’re using Neo Smartpen N2, you’ll be able to experience the same technology and functionality. However, Neo’s package is a little bit smarter if you’re a tight budget. The notebooks you’d need to use this pen with are a tad cheaper than what Moleskine offers.

Just like Moleskine, the Smartpen N2 can store up to 1,000 pages. It can also be synced to transfer the files and convert notes to text form. You can also pick the color, thickness, and export the text outside of the app.

Wacom Bamboo SmartpadsNotes to Text

Now for something a little bit different than the options we provided above. Wacom is offering smartpads that are pressure-sensitive to draw on. However, using one of Wacom’s pads will save you buying special notebooks, ink and pens to get the process of writing going. You simply clip a piece of normal dotted-lines paper onto the pad, and you’re good to go! Everything you write down will be captured by the pad.

When it comes to this manufacturer, you have a couple of options that come in both A4 and A5 sizes: the Bamboo Slate, which is basically a clipboard. The other one is Bamboo Folio which comes with a fold-over cover.

As easy as it could get, you just scribble down on a piece of paper while the pad is under it. Everything will be synced with an app, from which you can convert your scribbles to text and export it to Google Drive or Evernote.

Free App Solutions

If you’re not up to buying anything at the moment, you can opt for a free solution that is somewhat functional. Just simply get some photograph sheets of dotted-paper and write down on those. Scan them or just shoot them with your own smartphone. An app like Evernote has a function where you can convert images into searchable text. Although it might not be as accurate as the other options, but it won’t cost you a dime!

Nothing beats writing with ink and paper. Still technology has always got you covered! Try out these amazing devices and apps to add a little bit of magic to your note-taking endeavors.

What’s the best device/app do you think would fit your needs? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!