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Cops Can Now Force You To Unlock Your Phone

Cops Can Now Force You To Unlock Your Phone

After a recent case in Illinois, a district court ruled a judgment which allows cops to use force on anyone they doubt and make them unlock their smartphone with Touch ID.

Although, there are only certain set of circumstances in which cops can use this forceful search of the suspect’s phones. Due to the increased usage of encryption and security techniques being embedded in smartphones, cops realize they will have to deal with such equipment for the content that was expected to be found.

In this recent case, cops actually suspected that the people were involved in producing or capturing child pornography and for that police acquired a search warrant for the premises and to force unlock devices which could potentially store this sort of content. Their main idea was to search for content in devices such as smartphones and tablets; when they were allowed to make suspects unlock their devices with Touch ID and search for the alleged content.

Apart from this case, there have been a mist of such issues rising again and again as the measures for encryption, fingerprint security and other questions about constitutional rights have been rising. Mobile manufacturers who uses high end encryption methods have been continuously dragged to courts regarding such matters and there have been many different rulings depending on the nature of the cases. It appears that soon such measures and high-tech security developments would have to become a part of the constitutional rights and limitations to them.

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