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Death of Cable TV – New Era of Streaming Services

Death of Cable TV – New Era of Streaming Services

It’s true! Death of Cable TV is happening while we see a ton of options for online streaming services. And this is happening faster than anyone ever predicted. If you are eager to know more about the death of the Cable TV, here are some facts from a research conducted by the Pew Research Center (PRC).

The survey shows us that American adults of the age group 18-29 are using streaming services more to watch programs rather than the Cable TV. The older generation seems to be likely keeping Cable TV alive but its end is also nearing.

The survey has surprising numbers and it shows more than 61% of young adults within the age group 18-29 are actually watching programs and shows on streaming services online while just 31% watched it on Cable TV. Watching with an analog antenna is not very trendy for young adults, there’s less than 5% of people who used a digital antenna to watch according to the survey.

Cable TV Operators

It makes sense in this generation of digital life with amazing technology how people prefer streaming services over Cable TV. The numbers aren’t looking good when you think about cable providers that are facing a huge roadblock. Cable TV has been the primarily source to watch programs. People in the age group 30-49, 51% prefer cable the most, age group 50-64, 70% prefer cable and for people more than 65 years, 84% prefer Cable TV.

This shows that streaming services is popular and attracts the younger adults while anyone older still prefers the Cable TV. And when these younger generation grows up, they will take their habit with them resulting in the downfall of Cable subscriptions. This clearly shows that cable subscriptions will see a huge fall very soon.  In the future, it won’t really be about cancelling your Cable TV,  people won’t even have cable subscriptions to begin with.


image credit: BGR