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Disable Touchscreen While You Enjoy Videos And Calls Or For Toddlers

Disable Touchscreen While You Enjoy Videos And Calls Or For Toddlers

With each new smartphone model that comes out, the touchscreen technology improves. This makes accessing your phone easier, but it also leaves your phone more susceptible to accidental taps. Young kids, in particular, often tap a touch screen without even noticing it. There are a couple apps that allow you to temporarily disable the touchscreen on your phone while still giving you access to watch videos and video or audio calls. We have picked the best app in the market for you.

Touchscreen Lock


Touch Lock allows kids to enjoy video chats with their grandparents, for instance, while preventing them from accessing the touch screen or the setting of your phone. Some five-year old know more about smartphones than their parents do. Still as a parent it is annoying when suddenly the volume is twice as loud as you set it at.

Touch Lock allows users to enjoy the device’s display without the risking of  interruption. You can lock the volume key, the home page key, the return key, and more. This is great for when you are watching a movie or cooking in the kitchen with your kids. It is also useful if you want to take pictures underwater with your family. A lot of phones are waterproof now, but the water can interfere when it touches the screen. Touch lock prevents water interference.

Once you download the app, swipe left. You will see an option for Enable Now. Clicking on it will take you to Accessibility Settings. Scroll down until you see Touch Lock and press enable. Once enabled, you can pull down the notifications panel and click on the lock icon. This will temporarily lock the touchscreen and the buttons on your phone.

Download Touch Lock from Google Play Store here:

Screen Pinning


In addition to Touch Lock, another option is Screen Pinning. This is a feature that was introduced in Android Lollipop. Instead of temporarily disabling the touchscreen, Screen Pinning allows you to lock your phone into a single app. For example, you could pin the phone to the Netflix App or YouTube Kids app. This way you can have your kids watch videos without having to worry about them accidentally accessing any of the other apps you have on your smartphone.

Here’s how it works. Go into your Android settings. Scroll down to Security. Once you click on the security option, you should see a button that says Screen Pinning. Turn on Screen Pinning. Now all you have to do is open the app that you want to pin and tap the Overview/Recent apps button. Swipe one the Recent card and tap the “Pin icon” on the bottom right. The app should now be pinned. To unpin the app, just press down on the Back button on your Android device for about five seconds.

This technique works well if you want to use an app without interruption. If you are worried about ghost touching or you want to take underwater videos, the best option in Touch Lock.