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Don’t Sleep Next To Your Phone, It’s Bad!

Don’t Sleep Next To Your Phone, It’s Bad!

It’s no surprise that you spend hours and hours fidgeting on your smartphone. Even when you’re not holding it, it’s probably in your pocket or near you, waiting to be picked up at the sound of the next notification. It’s something that we all got used to, but maybe it’s time to dial it down a little bit!

According to the California Department of Public Health, it’s extremely unwise to sleep for hours with a cell phone under your pillow or if you sleep next to your phone. The reason is that all cell phones produce electromagnetic radiations that get to your body, which can have negative effects on your health and increase the possibility of getting a tumor.

In most cases, they advise to use your phone less frequently. If you’re that kind of person who spends hours playing, talking or texting on your smartphone, you may need to revisit your daily habits. However, one major habit that you should definitely avoid is forgetting to put away your phone before bedtime and not sleep next to your phone. You don’t use it while you’re asleep, obviously, and those are extra hours of harmful radiations to your body.

The study was conducted back in 2009, but it took a professor from UC Berkely to file a lawsuit against the department and get an official order from the Sacramento Supreme Court so the findings may be released. The documents are pretty extensive on how cell phones produce radiations that can be harmful to the human body after a prolonged period of time of exposure.

One more thing that you should be aware of is that when a cell phone is kept in a moving car, it usually produces more energy to maintain its connection. Not to mention that you should also avoid using your phone if it’s on low battery.

Have you heard before about the side effects of using cell phones? Tell us more in the comments below about what you heard and what the best practices for smartphones are!