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How To Download The Entire Music Library From Google Play Music

How To Download The Entire Music Library From Google Play Music

With disk space becoming cheaper and cheaper everyday, it’s becoming the norm to download entire music library over onto your device directly.  The main reason for this is so that you are given the ability to play music directly from your device.  This is extremely helpful if you are low on data or in an area where internet is not easily accessible.  You can easily do this on the Google Play app; however, you have to go through to task of going through every single album to album or song to song to download.  Fortunately, we found a really easy way to download all your songs so that they can be played offline.

Google Play Music is without a doubt the best music player that was made for Android devices; however, it lacks a download all button.  So in order to download everything, you have to go through each album to pick and choose the songs you like.  This can be a intimidating and time consuming task.  The best workaround for a “download all music” is heading over to on your computer.

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Download Your Music Library

The first step would be to head over to your library then just as easy as copying and pasting, you would click on the first song and then hold shift (windows) or the mac button (mac) and drag it all the way down to the last song.  Doing this little trick will allow you to pick all songs in your Google Play library.

After doing that, make sure you click on the 3 dot menu button and select, “add to playlist”.  Name the playlist and click “create playlist”.

Now that your entire album is in a single playlist.  Head over and open up Google Play Music app on your Android device.  Tap the headphones button and select the playlist.  Make sure it says, “All Music instead of On Device”.  Scroll down and find the playlist you created.

Once you’ve landed on the playlist you created on google music, simple click on the “gray pin” located near the top of your playlist.  Doing so, will tell Google Play Music to start to download each song individually.  You’ll notice that it will turn white and then slowly turn orange.  Once its fully orange, that means all your music has been downloaded onto your device and you are ready for offline play!

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If you are out and about and attempting to do this, make sure you are on a Wi-Fi network because downloading 10000s of songs can take up quite a bit of your data.


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