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First Look on the OnePlus 6 Red: It’s Simply Amazing!

First Look on the OnePlus 6 Red: It’s Simply Amazing!

We’ve just seen the new crimson model named OnePlus 6 Red and it’s pretty astonishing. We had been promised of its limited-edition release on the 10th of this July, and now it’s in our hands!

The new red device is only available in Europe and North America for around $579, offering 128 GB of storage. Its design is extremely crimson and shiny, with glossy feel around the curves. Once you put your eyes on the new model, you’ll immediately notice that it’s highly designed with luxury on the mind.

The phone comes in even more colors: glossy and matte black, and a heavenly “silk white” edition with a fine rose gold trim. When Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, was asked about the design of the OnePlus 6, he said that it was the “boldest” move they’ve made so far in regards to shaping one of their devices.

Beside the new gloss and crimson red, the specs of the phone are still the same. The OnePlus 6 offers a 6.28-inch OLED screen with two cameras on the back. It has a black notch near the top of its screen, similar to that of the LG G7 and iPhone X.

What Makes the Design of OnePlus 6 Red Better than Other Phones?

OnePlus 6 Red

Well, let’s be honest: many smartphone users prefer to go with iPhone just for its design. We can never ignore how the beauty of a phone attracts lots of customers. After all, we like to acquire beautiful possessions. That’s exactly why we can’t take the new release of OnePlus slightly.

While Samsung is going hard against Apple in both design and specs, OnePlus is providing the market with an alternative to those who admire elegance and put aesthetics before anything else. The Red model is definitely a phone to be reckoned with; its specs are decent and can offer the kind of functionalities we need. It’s a good thing to have an option where the manufacturers don’t compromise the design for developing the hardware.

We anticipate that, seeing the way they handle their company, OnePlus would have a thriving future in the game of smartphones and gadgets. Samsung is already satisfying us with many cool releases; but we’d love to have another promising player.


Whether you go with silk white or red, the new OnePlus 6 limited-edition is incredibly amazing. From its elegant design to its high-end specs, you can never go wrong. Have you taken a look at the newly released OnePlus 6 Red? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!