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FTC Finally Shuts Down Illegal Telemarketers Over Do Not Call Violations

FTC Finally Shuts Down Illegal Telemarketers Over Do Not Call Violations

Federal trade commission is an American organization that was established in 1914. Working towards protecting the rights of consumers and preventing them from anti-business-like activities that can have an impact on them.

Recently FTC took action against telemarketers that have been extensively using the robocalls or robotic calls medium to contact consumers. Causing disturbance and annoyance among customers. FTC categorizes this practice as illegal.

What actions has FTC taken over Do Not Call violations?

As previously mentioned, FTC took it upon themselves to put a stop to these robocalls. An action against four major telemarketers pitching products like auto warranties, home security services, non-existent charities and surveys that were irrelevant.

The four telemarketing companies were using numerous non-existent company names to promote products that were never there, to begin with.

It is agreed that they have violated the terms imposed by the FTC Act and came to a settlement.

As per the settlement, a ban has been imposed on the telemarketers in terms of robocalling and any telemarketing related activities. If these companies are to not abide by the settlement and call consumers on Do Not Call list, they will have to pay a significant fine.

The telemarketing companies involved in this

The list of companies taken down after the ban includes Telweb, Netdotsolutions, TeraMesh, Salisbury, World Connection LLC,, Life Management services, veterans America and higher goals marketing.

This does not come as a surprise that most people have received phone calls from these companies even though they were registered on Do Not Call list.

They are not legit and are scam masters that have scammed many individuals. FTC took charge of the situation and dealt with them accordingly.

Veterans of America (VOA)

One such outrageous company that defied every moral or ethical standard was Veterans of America which was being run by an individual named Travis Deloy Peterson.

The business idea was to use the fake identity of veterans and prompt people to make donations.

This company has been accounted for making billions of calls to numerous consumers and emotionally instigating them to donate.

The idea is that, none of the companies mentioned in this article were real; all of them were working under fake names selling fake products and playing with the emotions of people.

Even though FTC has done significant work to counteract them still there will be companies that are going to be under the pretense of a legit business and would continue making these illegal calls.

What can You do?

do not call

There is always a way to deal with problems like these. With certain steps taken into consideration, you should be able to get out of situations like these.

Some steps that can be undertaken are:

One simple way in which these calls can be avoided is not to answer them. When you see an unknown number, simply avoid it. If it is someone who knows you, they would message until then, just don’t pick these phone calls. In case you picked it up, just hang up once you realize there is a robot at the other end.

If the Caller ID shows its a local number, that does not necessarily mean it is from someone within the vicinity. Since, internet has now enabled individuals to conceal their phone numbers and change location as well.

Never give out your personal information, not even your name. When you get a call asking for your social or bank details, it is better just to hang up. You might also be pressured to give out more information, be very cautious and tactful.

If you are consistently being bothered by these phone calls, simply block them, its the easiest way of dealing with this situation.

If the person at the other end claims to be working for an organization, then connect with that organization directly. Inquire about it as most of these illegal calls use the name of legit businesses. This is to attract more customers and to look more authentic.

Another way is to download call blocking apps. Some of them from these apps are free and will ask access to your contact numbers. You can also call your mobile network company and give them the number to be blocked, which is going to be a more efficient way of handling calls like these.


FTC is doing whatever it can to secure the rights of consumers. Consumers should also make an effort of dealing with problems like these themselves and report it. Prevention from most of the situations is within reach just a step towards the measure is required to be able to handle it.