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Fully Recharge Your Phone in 13 Minutes

Fully Recharge Your Phone in 13 Minutes

By now, everyone on earth knows that the major downside to using a smartphone on regular basis is draining your battery. No matter what kind of phone you have, they never come with super batteries like the old-fashioned models.

Of course, more options and features on your phone require heavier power supply. Manufacturers try to up their game and provide us with powerful batteries. But still, if you’re running around texting and watching memes all day, you’ll end up with the red-mark of doom that calls for your charger.

It’s always a hassle to recharge your phone multiple times a day. God forbid you have a short cable… you’ll be stuck next to your charger, like a child who just can’t get enough of his toy. Some fix this problem through utilizing the amount of power they have based on what they need to do. Others look for alternatives, like portable chargers that function as a phone case as well.

But since third-party accessories sometimes damage your phone if they’re not properly designed, some users get weary to try out new stuff. We have today an amazing invention by Vivo that will change the way you view phone power and recharging options!

Vivo’s Super FlashCharge 120w

The company has recently introduced yet another gadget that is considered a leap in the battery charging game. The Super FlashCharge 120w is a tiny gadget that has the power to pump your phone’s charge to full under only 13 minutes. It’s incredible how smoothly and efficiently it functions!

Recently introduced in China at MWC Shanghai, this new system can deliver around 120w to smartphones that are compatible with it through a custom USB Type-C cable. The gadget also comes with a travel plug, so you can take it wherever you go.

According to test done on the charger, Vivo claims that a batter with 4,000mAh was fully charged in just under 13 minutes. They also say that the battery jumped to 50% charge in just 5 minutes, which can be really useful if you’re in dire need to recharge your phone but still in a hurry. It uses 20v/6A system to recharge your phone, which is 100% safe on your cherished hardware.

A Long Journey to Improving Battery Charging

OnePlus and Oppo are familiar names to any tech enthusiast. Well, the two companies along with Vivo are actually part of the same parent entity. They’ve always been trying to provide the market with new options and features in regards to smartphone power supply and recharging abilities.

Oppo itself introduced the amazing Super VOOC charging system, along with its Find X Lamborghini Edition. It proved that the battery can charge fully under 30 minutes, which is by far better than any competition on the market. But Vivo’s new creation has come to be one of a kind. But this system operates through 10v/5A that cater for phones which work on two battery cells charged parallel to each other. It’s not know whether Super FlashCharge works in the same way, or can function on phones that use such system.

Are These Recharging Systems Safe?

recharge your phone

Well, Oppo along with OnePlus and Vivo have always tested their products before releasing them to the market. These trial periods always include temperature management and fail-safes in order to ensure the full functionality of the charging system. OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition is using the charging system created for two-cell batteries and it’s been proven to be one of the strongest smartphones on the market. So, in simple words, no need to worry about Super FlashCharge.

When Will It Be Available

Although the new charger has been publicly introduced to users, it’s still not known when it should be featured in one of the company’s phones. We’ve heard about Super VOOC way before it got integrated in Oppo’s smartphone release. We’d still have to wait for the company to work the whole thing out before it reaches the United States.

Vivo is already selling phones in Europe and Asia, but the States haven’t received them yet. With the recent regulations regarding Huawei, we could definitely tell that it’s not easy to get into the American market. All we have to do at the moment is admire this precious invention for the betterment of all. It won’t be long before it hits out pockets, eh?

That’s it for now folks! Recharging your smartphone has never been easier. No more standing by the charger to get the power to the amount you like. With Super FlashCharge, you’ll get a full charge under 13 minutes… it’s basically a flash that bumps your phone to full!

Have you experienced fast recharging features in certain smartphone models? Which experience was the most satisfying? Let us know all about it in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!