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Galaxy Note 8 Major Problems and the Ways to Deal with it

Galaxy Note 8 Major Problems and the Ways to Deal with it

Many people generally are happy with what they get from the Galaxy Note 8 due to its features as well as power, but that does not mean that it does not have problems that other smartphones do, including bad battery life, radio issues, storage issues as well as its design. While these problems do exist, you can easily fix them but it’s better to identify why these problems occur on the phone and know the ways to deal with them as well.

Here is how you can deal with the problems of the Galaxy Note 8:

Poor Battery Life

 Many smartphone owners always complain about battery life they use irrespective of its brand and features available to save battery using the power savings mode.

Here are some basic ways to at least prolong the battery life for a little bit:

  • Start with the power saving mode: This is a process of keeping your phone alive and access the main features without much battery usage. It is customizable and you can set it up, but usually it reduces your screen brightness and resolution so that the battery capacity can be saved.
  • Close all the unused battery draining Apps:. Running several power-hungry apps can drain your battery quickly. You can go to device maintenance and see which app is using the most percentage of your battery. After knowing that, you will want to close neither those apps if you are really nor using that.
  • Unused radios – turn off: I mean Bluetooth and Wi-Fi here. Switch off them when you are not using. You can go to your settings–> connections–>locations–>improve accuracy. Here you can find options to turn off these connections.
  • Battery pack: This is the last resort. If you are expecting heavy days when you will use up your battery quickly, then consider using a battery pack to help you get through it.


When Storage Capacity isn’t good enough

 You may find 64 GB of internal storage not enough for you. For example, if you are getting errors when you try to download files since you have no more storage, then try the below:

  • Delete old apps: If you have several unused or not so often used apps, delete them and make room for new one.
  • Transfer all data to your SD Card: You can transfer all your data to the SD card in the phone to save internal storage for apps and utilities that can’t be moved. For example, put videos, photos and audios into the SD card.
  • Use the ‘Device Maintenance’ settings. There are several functions provided by Samsung for managing storage which you can find in Settings–>Device maintenance–> Storage at the bottom and you will see which areas you need to look into. The ‘Clean Now’ button may help you save something too



Tips to Unlock your Phone?

 For the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung moved the fingerprint sensor high to the back of the phone and it’s more difficult to reach as well. However, you can actually unlock your phone in order way, like the iris scanner. Here are some of them in descending order of simplicity and security to use:

  • Fingerprint sensor: Well, this is the most secure and convenience since you can unlock it by tapping, as your fingerprint is unique—only you have it.
  • Pattern lock: This is the finest option and if you choose a difficult input it can be secure. Of course you need to remember your pin, and that it takes more time to unlock the phone if your pin is complicated.
  • PIN or passphrase: This is a traditional option—although the PIN is not very secure, it is better than having nothing.
  • Iris scanning: This is a new option introduced by Samsung. Actually it is quite secure—just like the fingerprint sensor. However, it can be troublesome as the angle you hold the phone and light condition is important here.
  • Face recognition: It is just barely more than any security at all. You can just put a photo of yourself and the phone will be tricked and unlocked.
  • Trusted location / Voice /Device: This is a built-in function and it will keep your Note 8 unlocked as long as criteria or two being considered is met. They can include a specific location or a Bluetooth device which has potential problems and cant be considered for the phone’s security option.



Want to change the launcher or icons?

The customization options are why many people love Android. So, you can change the icons or screen launcher if you don’t like the existing and it’s a simple process.

You just need to open Play Store and install launchers and save it as your default launcher. You can then open a lot of potential themes as your app icons.

By going to the built in Samsung theme engine from settings you can find interesting themes and wallpapers. There is huge number of collections for you to choose. Using a new or unique theme will give your phone a new look and appearance from top to bottom.



Wrong color temperature – Phone Screen

 Whether or not the screen looks right to your eyes depends on a lot of factors although the screen of Galaxy Note 8 is already the best among all Samsung products. You can tune the screen and tweak in software. You can also change the display by going to its section in settings. Just choose between the 4 different screen mode, and slide between warm and cool to further adjust.

The advanced options box can let you change the levels of green, red, and blue for the tiniest changes. So, you can always decide between the default one or you own personal one.



GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi problems  in Galaxy Note 8

 These can be some of the most annoying problems since we heavily rely on them and the high number of variables involved.

  • Turn off the radio and turn it on again. This is probably the easiest trick to get back your connection. You can do it with all sort of device and even reset the whole chain.
  • Forget the network or un-pair the device. If you are still getting troubles, just forget about the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network and then try to connect it gain from start. This is because if the initial passcode or configuration is wrong then it will try to connect with wrong details, it’s a process that will never end.
  • Reset network settings. The next step is to just reset your network settings and start again. This will clear your preference and delete saved networks. You can do this by going to Settings, General management and then tap reset network settings. After that, all data will be back to default.
  • GPS is not just using satellites. After all, you need to know that you phone does not use only satellites to obtain the location even though we call this as the GPS. If you keep Wi-Fi and mobile data on, your phone actually already know where it is before needing to use GPS.



How to reset the Galaxy Note 8?

ALERT! This is the last resort if something is not right on your Galaxy Note 8. Factory resetting your phone will make it back to its default out-of-the-box state and it is the only way in order to make sure that it is not something you did that cause the problem you are facing.

You must backup important data first, and then follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll down to general management
  3. Tap Reset
  4. Tap factory data reset, at the bottom of the list
  5. Then, tap reset.

It takes several minutes and you need to wait. After that, you can set it up again as if it is new. Sometimes it is the last option available to try rescue your phone.



Other problems?

 If you have other issues about Galaxy Note 8, no problem, we will have this content updated for you.



image credit: androidcentral