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Your PS4 has an OS and here is where you can find what version it is

Your PlayStation 4 comes with automatic updates turned on for your convenience. When there is a new version of software available it will ask you to update at startup unless this option has been manually disabled. If you think you are behind on updates or are just curious, follow these steps to see your current software version.

Check Your PlayStations Software Version:

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Racing fans rejoice: Forza Street coming to Android and iOS this year, now available for Windows 10

I’m a huge racing fan. I’ve played racing games since Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit on the original PlayStation, which was the start of a lifelong passion of mine as I now work on old muscle cars to fix them up in my spare time. But, that’s not what you’re here to learn about. Turn 10, the gaming studio behind the ever-popular Forza series announced a new game today dubbed Forza Street.

This new experience is built to be played anytime, anywhere, and specifically for car lovers. It’s available on Windows 10 today and will be coming to both Android and iOS platforms in the coming months.

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How to hide PlayStation 4 games in your library

Our game libraries can be a bit of a mess, especially if we frequently purchase a lot of titles. Whether you just want to hide some of them because you dislike their cover art or you have a more utilitarian reason—like hiding those you’ll never complete—here’s how to make them disappear from your library without actually getting rid of them.

How to hide games in your library

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Major changes arrive in Fortnite’s 8.20 patch

Ready for something new? Check it out!

The latest content update for Fortnite — the 8.20 patch — will be hitting servers today, and with it comes an array of changes to the game, as well as the inclusion of some new, limited-time game modes.

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