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Pixel 4 XL gaming review hits YouTube ahead of the official announcement

At this point, Google might be regretting its decision to manufacture the Pixel 4 in Vietnam; a decision apparently made to avoid Chinese tariffs. It looks like a significant number of devices have found their way out of the factory and into the hands of YouTubers. Another Pixel 4 XL video review has appeared online, this one focusing on gaming performance.

As with the other recent video leaks, this one comes from Southeast Asia. Read More

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Samsung’s ‘PlayGalaxy’ PC game streaming app launches, only Note 10 for now

While many high-quality games have arrived natively on Android in recent years, some of the best titles are still only on PCs and consoles. Today, Samsung’s PlayGalaxy PC game streaming app is available for Windows and the company’s phones and tablets.


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Chessplode takes everything you know about chess… and blows it up!

Chess is an iconic board game that has stood the test of time and is still enjoyed by competitive and casual players alike. Of course, a mobile version of chess might be a hard sell for many in 2019 unless it manages to add a new wrinkle or twist like we’ve seen with Really Bad Chess.

Juanma Altamirano is another indie mobile developer looking to add modern twists to the game of chess. His latest creation is Chessplode, which adds epic explosions to the mix and, in turn, introduces an entirely new way to play that forces you to throw out most conventional strategy while adding a whole lot of extra chaos to the board in the process.

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This Android gaming phone is faster than the Note 10 and has 1TB of built-in storage

The Galaxy Note 10 that Samsung just launched is one of the best phones you can buy right now. It has a great screen, a speedy processor, faster than ever storage and an improved camera system. But, less than a month since Samsung unveiled the flagship, we already have an even better device, made with gaming in mind.

That’s because Android vendors keep making gaming phones, which are essentially flagship handsets that are even more powerful than the regular flagships.

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