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20 of the best keyboard compatible Android games for Chrome OS

In light of the recent sale for the Google Pixelbook (that ends today, so make sure to grab one while you can), I thought it might be helpful to roundup some of the better Android games that are compatible with Chrome OS and work well with the keyboard. I for one hate getting fingerprints all over my screen, plus I also find a keyboard and mouse to be the optimal way to play a lot of games. Read More

20 of the best keyboard compatible Android games for Chrome OS was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Report: Netflix is planning to add games to its streaming service

Just in time for E3, TechRadar reports that Netflix and Telltale Games have struck a deal to bring games to the movie and TV show streaming service. According to the report, Netflix will kick off its video game pilot program with Telltale’s popular game series Minecraft: Story Mode, as well as a project based on Stranger Things.

Sources tell TechRadar that the games will be delivered to Netflix subscribers as video files which will be capable of accepting commands from any remote with directional and select buttons. Considering that many of Telltale’s games revolve around choosing between dialogue options or pointing the cursor somewhere to tell your character [...]

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How to stop Oculus Go light bleed

Clever hacks to minimize the amount of light coming in.

The Oculus go was designed with spacial awareness in mind. Oculus made sure its device had just enough of a gap near your nose to be able to check a phone or crane your neck to see your surroundings. But what about those of us who have pretty good spacial awareness, or we know the area around us is safe and we’d rather have the immersion? I just wind up sitting there, trying to get my scare on with some good horror games and instead I can’t fully immerse myself because I can still see my cat trying to bite my toes.

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Gaming Mode on the OnePlus 6 explained: Lower latency, longer battery life

Gaming Mode is designed to maximize the gaming experience on the OnePlus 6.

Gaming Mode is an evolution of Gaming DND — which OnePlus rolled out last year — and it offers a more comprehensive list of features aimed at maximizing your gaming experience on the OnePlus 6.

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