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Photo battle between the iPhone and the Pixel has a surprising winner

For as amazing as camera quality on the iPhone is today, the original iPhone camera was nothing to write home about. Equipped with nothing more than a fixed-focus 2-megapixel camera, the original iPhone delivered subpar pictures even compared to other devices at the time.

Apple, though, eventually started throwing a lot of money at camera development. Before long, it seemed that each successive iPhone routinely set a new bar for mobile camera quality that competitors simply couldn’t keep up with. That said, the mobile landscape is always changing and Apple now has some stiff competition when it comes to mobile photography. What’s more, there’s a strong case to be made that [...]

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The FBI has forced someone to unlock their iPhone with Face ID, and there’s no law against it

A couple of years ago, I set out to interview every member of Congress I could find with a computer science degree as a result of the increasing clash between tech innovation and the laws and lawmakers that are falling more hopelessly behind the times. Out of 535 members of Congress, incredibly, I could find only four lawmakers with such a background.

I was reminded of that reality with word we’ve just got that the FBI, for the first time, has forced a suspect to unlock his iPhone X using Face ID. It happened, reports Forbes, as part of a child abuse investigation. In early August, the FBI raided the home of a 28-year-old suspect who would go on to be charged with [...]

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Apple quietly disclosed it now tracks and scores your calls and email habits

Apple has been advocating for unbreakable encryption and total user privacy for years, even if that put it at odds with governments around the world. That’s not just because it gave it an edge on the competition, forcing rivals to also somewhat embrace encryption and better privacy features, but also because Apple seems to genuinely believe that user data and privacy should be defended at all costs. That said, Apple has just confirmed that it can be just as creepy as any tech giant when it comes to spying on users. Sort of.

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Report: ‘iPhone Xs Max’ is What Apple Will Call its 2018 6.5-inch Model

The larger 6.5-inch iPhone will be reportedly be known as the “iPhone Xs Max.”

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Photo battle between the iPhone and the Pixel has a surprising winner
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