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Fear of the iPhone will force Google to make the Pixel great again

Last week, Google unveiled a variety of new products, including two new Pixel phones, during a press event that proved Google really wants to be more like Apple. For every product Apple makes, Google had a direct rival, although it also unveiled devices that have no equivalent over at Apple like smart speakers. On the software side, Google unveiled new Assistant features, as well as advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence that seem to eclipse anything Apple is doing right now — though Apple isn’t that forthcoming with its AI and ML efforts just yet.

Now, a new report reveals that fear of Apple and the iPhone is what will force Google to put more effort [...]

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8 free iPhone games that just launched on the App Store this week

What do you think would happen if you mashed up Clash of Clans and Temple Run? That question has been answered this week with the release of Gold Ambush All Stars on the App Store — an endless runner that’s also a city builder. It’s one of eight great, completely free games you should check out on your iPhone or iPad this week along with War Wings, Piece Out and Meshi Quest.

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Android users more likely than iPhone users to use fertility app for — fertility

Cycle Technologies, the developer of Dot, a cross-platform fertility app, says its data shows that iPhone and Android owners typically use its software for very different reasons.

The post Android users more likely than iPhone users to user fertility app for — fertility appeared first on Digital Trends.

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How camera quality on the iPhone has improved over the last 10 years

With the iPhone’s 10th anniversary being celebrated this week, we thought it would be a good time to sit back and reminisce about the myriad of ways in which Apple’s iconic device has changed the way we live. At a base level, the iPhone has had a profound impact on how individuals communicate with one another and the world at large.  More specifically, one area that the iPhone helped revolutionize quite drastically is mobile photography. Today, the quality of photos one can take with an iPhone is simply astounding. Coupled with a seemingly endless selection of editing tools, the iPhone has become a bona-fide camera replacement for many non-professional [...]

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