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Google Calendar Tricks You Must Know

Google Calendar Tricks You Must Know

With Google Calendar tricks, you can simply and effectively arrange your personal affairs to bring some organization in your life. However, it becomes a big challenge when you work at a company which uses Google Calendar as well. You now have to find a way to fit your personal calendar with that of your work. Although this can be daunting, it is not impossible. There are some really cool technologies recently developed by Google that you probably never knew of. Better still, these cool features make your life easier by bringing so much balance and organization as you integrate your personal affairs with your work schedule. Keep reading to find out some really cool tricks associated with Google Calendar and organize your life better.

The article will focus on 8 of these Google Calendar tricks. No doubt, by the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll see some methods that can surely help you find a balance between your work schedule as well as your personal affairs. NOW! Let’s just dive into the count down with number 8 on the list

Google Calendar Tricks #8 Use Different Calendars for Different Parts of your Life

Google Calendar Tricks

At first, when using Google Calendar, you start out with just one calendar. It is the one you can find under the ‘My Calendars’ icon which has your name. This means that you have to use one calendar for several purposes such as making a schedule for reminders, managing your daily schedule, as well as planning other work-related projects. However, since you have just one calendar for all these activities, it can become confusing eventually. To prevent this, you can just create a new schedule on Google Calendar for different parts of your life that you want to keep track of.

To do this, click on the (+) sign which is beside the ‘My Calendar’ tab, you will then see the ‘New Calendar’ option which you can rename, add a time zone, and give a fitting description. Interestingly, you can give each calendar a different color-code to help you identify them with ease.

Google Calendar Tricks #7 Add Google Hangout to an Event

This cool hack allows you to plan a face-to-face remote meeting. All you have to do is to tap on the ‘Add Video Call’ link on your Google Calendar. Google will then help you arrange a hangout for those attending your event. Cool right!

Google Calendar Tricks #6 Find Time or Suggest Time for an Event

Google Calendar Tricks

At times, you may find it difficult trying to arrange a meeting with so many people who have tight schedules. Trying to find out when every single one of them is free can be quite tasking. Well, that shouldn’t pose any difficulty anymore as Google Calendar has two unique features (‘Suggested Times’ or ‘Find a Time’) which basically does the dangerous work for you.

Before you can use any of these features, you need to add everyone you want to set up a meeting with to the event. If you click on ‘Suggested Times’ on your Google Calendar, you will see a list of your meeting guests and the time each of them will be free for the meeting. The second feature ‘Find a Time’ once clicked, shows you the schedule of everyone you want to meet for the day. This way, you can go through their schedule and find a suitable time for all your meetings without much stress.

Google Calendar Tricks #5 Use Desktop Notification

When you open your Google Calendar in your browser, and you have an event in the next 10-minutes, the calendar interrupts anything you’re doing to notify you of your next event. The pop-up alert can be really annoying especially when you’re doing something else on your browser. Well, to deal with this, you can use the ‘Desktop Notifications’ option to set a gentler pop-up alert at the corner of your desktop screen.

To do this, go to your ‘Settings’ and tap on the ‘Notifications’ bar. There, you will see the ‘Desktop Notifications’ box to enable a gentler notification on your computer screen. This way, even when you have an upcoming event, the alert does not distract you from whatever you are doing on your browser. However, this won’t be necessary if you prefer the standard way Google Calendar notifies you of an upcoming event.

Google Calendar Tricks #4 Get Daily Agenda Email

Google Calendar Tricks

If you use Google Calendar to schedule your appointments, then this feature will be handy. You can get your daily schedule sent to your email every morning. This way, you can share your plan with a friend or a colleague without sending them your entire calendar.

To do this, click on ‘Settings’ when you open the Google Calendar, then select the Calendar of your choice and scroll down to the ‘General Notifications’ bar. There you will see ‘Daily Agenda.’ Select your email and enjoy this feature.

Google Calendar Tricks #3 Use Keyboard Shortcuts

A feature that allows you to streamline your efforts when using it. Google Calendar offers a lot of keyboard shortcuts that you can use to make things so much easier and faster. Some of these cool keyboard shortcuts include:

C – to create an event.
Q – to quickly add an event.
T – to move the calendar view to today.
E – to see the details of an event.
G – to go to a specific date on the calendar.
R – to refresh the timeline.

Google Calendar Tricks #2 Create Event with Google Assistant

You can also integrate your Google Calendar with Google Assistant. Here, you can create a new event by asking Google Assistant to do it for you. Once your Google Calendar is synced to the Google Assistant, you quickly add new games by merely asking the Google Assistant.

Google Calendar Tricks #1 Using Calendar of Interest

Google Calendar has another really great feature. It allows you to keep track of other calendars that are of interest to you. With Google Calendar, you can keep track of the schedule of your favorite sports team, holidays in various countries, as well as other calendars that you find interesting. This way, you will know when your favorite team is playing, as well as so many other notifications.

To use this feature, tap on the (+) sign close to the ‘Add a Coworker’s Calendar.’ Next, click on ‘Browse Calendars of Interest.’ There, you will find calendars that you want to subscribe to. An excellent feature it is!

These 8 Google calendar tricks will surely make you very organized, and you will never miss out on important events. Leave a comment in the box below after you must have tried some of our tricks.