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Google Has the Easiest Tool to Fix “Not Enough Storage” On Your Phone

Google Has the Easiest Tool to Fix “Not Enough Storage” On Your Phone

Isn’t it so annoying when your phone runs out of memory? When you can’t open your camera to take a picture in that picture perfect moment? When you want to download this really cool app, but your phones tell you there’s not enough storage? I think everyone here will agree with me when I say waking up to the constant reminder that there’s not enough storage will almost kill the whole vibe of your day and ignoring it each day just doesn’t get any easier.

The worst part about it though is when you get a new phone, and your last backup on the cloud was from a year ago. Moreover, you cannot recover your pictures because obviously, your fragile little phone broke on you.

It makes you, just simply put, very sad to think so many chances (to backup your phone) gone. So many memories forgotten. You can’t help but wonder there has to be a better way. There has to be something I can do without giving up and paying to expand my cloud storage. Well, I’ve got two words for anyone who has at least once in his or her life has these thoughts. Google Files!

What is Google Files?

Files by Google is the latest App available on the Play Store for all android users to enjoy. It is basically a file management app that helps you free up space on your phone while not having to sacrifice any of you less-important but very dear data. The best part about it is it’s free of cost. Trust me when I say this but free things are very rare to find, and this is.

No more payments every month for that 5 extra Gigabytes of storage on the cloud or to keep on using a larger capacity SD Card for your Android device when the previous one is at capacity, not to mention how expensive they can get.

Files by Google solves all these problems and then some. Another thing worth mentioning is that it only takes up around 10 MB of your actual storage so there won’t be a problem with you having to free up memory to download this app.

It helps keep you organized and clean and reminds you about things that you have nearly forgotten. It makes managing apps, other data so much easier, and a lot more fun.

Download Google File from Google Play Store here:

How does it work?

I’m sure everyone will have the same question in there mind and you should rightly so. How does it actually work? Well to answer that question let me take you to the basics. The strategy intended with files is that it targets the three most annoying tasks and makes them simpler and more interactive.

1. Clean up your phone memory

We all know the struggle of keeping our rooms clean but keeping your phone clean is a whole another story. It’s so hard to gather up the courage, not to mention the time to sit down and clean your phone out. We also might avoid it like we always do because we don’t have anyone constantly on our tail about doing it like our moms or wives.

Files by google brings you the solution. Think of it as an App that will act like your mom. Constantly reminding you to clean out your phone storage because it’s getting full and then eventually giving up and doing it itself. With your permission obviously.

On the main page, you will have the option to “Clean” your phone. Here you will be able to delete old photos or meme’s from various chats. You can also get rid of any duplicate files that are clogging your memory and making your system slower.

2. Browse your storage

Once all the files and photos in your storage have been sorted and organized you will be able to easily access any files and/photos though files. By just a few taps any file or download located in your phone will be visible to you. You can also choose to back up any file and keep it forever. You can also move files or share them, rename them or delete them by browsing each file.

3. Sharing your files

Sharing your files is also possible and more fun. At the bottom of the app, you will see a share button, which will allow you to share any file that you wish including photos, videos, documents or apps with anyone nearby. The sharing speed is also quite fast with 480 Mbps. It also works without an internet connection just like Bluetooth. Simply pair your device with any nearby device that also has files installed. You will also be able to send large files to your SD Card, so you don’t run out of storage.


In conclusion, Files by Google is a good option for anyone who wishes to organize and manage their storage in a more interactive and enjoyable way. Whether you want to locate old files or delete them or share your favorite memories with your peers, Google provides you with a platform to do it all.