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Google Photos Can Now Search for Text in Your Pics to Copy Paste It

Google Photos Can Now Search for Text in Your Pics to Copy Paste It

Google Photos comes with a ton of features for you to filter and organize your pictures. Developers are constantly working on improving the app so your photos won’t get lost in a pile of files.

The app allows you to use different tags for your photos. You can easily compile all photos of dogs, per say, in a completely automatic manner. It makes searching for photos a lot easier than before. You might find yourself lost if you’re backing up thousands of personal photos.

Recently, Google announced on their official Twitter account a new feature that will improve the search options drastically. If you usually take pictures of books, products, research papers, the app will start recognizing what’s being written!

Search for Text in Google Photos

In an official tweet, Google said that users will now be able to search for text found in pictures on their Google Photos app. This is a huge improvement on Google’s part. They’re always developing their object recognition technology, but this is a whole new level.

You might be thinking: how could this be helpful? Well, if you’re a researcher or a college student, this feature might come in handy. Say you’re taking pictures of important pages and research papers on the go. It usually happens when you’re immersed in studies. But it’s always so hard to go back to whatever you were trying to document.

With this feature, you can search for certain keywords and the app will identify the corresponding images. You can even copy bits of text to input in other apps, and translate them into other languages.

Can I Use Search For Text Feature?

search for text

Just use a search term to identify the photos you’re looking for. Once you’ve found the one you want, you may click on the button for Google Lens. This will give you the option copy the text you want and use it however you like.

But how does that work? Whenever you upload images to the cloud, the app uses OCR system to organize your photos in accordance with automatically prompted tags and keywords. You don’t have to scroll through hundreds of photos to find a receipt you saved a while back. Just search for a related keyword to the image and voila, you’ll find it in a matter of seconds.

Which Phones Get the Google Photos Update?

For the time-being, the upgrade is still not released to all phones. Some users reported having the features as soon as it got rolled out. Others haven’t received the update yet. You might want to check for an announcement on any of Google’s official channels. Otherwise, just sit tight and wait for the upgrade to reach your phone automatically.

What Are Some Other Helpful Google Photos Features?

Aside from being able to search for text within images, the Google Photos app offers a lot of other features to organize your photos. Most users just use it for backing up their photos. That’s why they usually end up with a heap of unorganized files.

Here are some features you might not have heard about that will make you sift through the clutter:

Search for Dates, People, Locations and Objects:

Did you know that Google Photos group images in accordance with events, dates and locations? Once you search for a certain term, you’ll start seeing your photos aligned in accordance with certain criteria. Pictures of meals will be put together under ‘food,’ and images of animals will be displayed under ‘pets.’ Same goes for places you’ve visited, and regular faces of people that appear in several photos of yours.

Group and Label Related Photos:

Whenever the app recognizes the same face in several photos, you’ll see a message prompted in that group at the top saying “Who is this?” Simply click on it and label it with the person’s name. Next time you’re searching for someone’s images, you can simply enter their name and all the corresponding images will appear together.

You can also edit the labels later on through “Options” on the top right; or you can merge similar groups together. Go through Settings and enable “Group similar faces.” Google Photos will do the rest for you.

Automatically Delete Photos After Backup:

Why use up much space on your phone when you’re already backing up your photos? Whenever you’re running out of space, the app will prompt an options for you to delete all synced photos. Make sure to pick High Quality resolution to keep your original photos in-store.

Import Pictures from Other Apps

The Play Store has a wide abundance of apps out there, and not all of us use the same ones. Usually, Google Photos backups images only from the Camera app on your smartphone. If you’d like to backup photos from What’s App or any other app, just follow these simple steps.

  • Head to Google Photos and tap the button on the upper left.
  • Click on “Device Folders” to go through all the files on your device.
  • You’ll see folders from various apps like Instagram and Facebook.
  • Choose which folders you’d like to backup, and the app will automatically pick up those with each scheduled backup.

Make sure to choose wisely which folders you’d like to be included. You don’t want to run out of backup storage or be forced to upgrade.

Create Captivating Stories with Related Images:

Google Photos allows you to create stories and animations to better enhance your viewing experience. Just head to the app and click on the “+” sign. Once you’re there, you can choose either Story, Collage or Animation. You may then choose the photos you’d like included in your story.

You can view your stories later on in Collections. If you’d like to delete a collage or a story, don’t worry. The images included will not be erased from the cloud.

And that’s it for now, everyone. We hope Google’s new feature to search for text within images will help you sort things out easily. Have you received the update on your phone yet? Let us know in the comments below what you think of it. We’d love to hear your input.