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Google Warns Everyone: Update Your Browser Now

Google Warns Everyone: Update Your Browser Now

Google Chrome is one of our beloved app that we cherish and use on daily basis. It works amazingly on desktop, smartphones and tablets. The company has been improving the browser since it got launched, adding new features and updates. That’s why it gets the traction it has nowadays.

As online users, we cherish security and comfort more than anything. We’d like to surf the web and download whatever we want, but still keep our information secure. Sometimes, it can be a hassle to keep up with all tech news and updates. That’s why we try to provide you with the most relevant and important information.

Speaking of which, Google released an official announcement just recently, urging users to update their Chrome browsers. There’s no need to panic, everything is somehow under control. But let’s find out what’s happening:

What’s going on Exactly with Google Chrome?

Developers at Google got notified with a possible bug in Chrome that might compromise the security of some users. What happens at tech companies is that they usually release updates related to bugs they find. They’re constantly looking for loop holes in the system, because hackers are always on the lookout for any opportunities. Each update released usually comprises of bug fixes and overall improvements of the software.

Well, this time, hackers had sort of a head-start! Developers found out that there was a bug within Google Chrome that has been there for a while. They’re usually on top of such vulnerabilities, getting there before anyone else. Yet, according to the official announcement, hackers might have had already discovered the vulnerability, which puts some users in danger.

Does This Mean My Device Is Compromised?

Absolutely not. Developers assured users that there’s no need to panic. The company started working on a patch for the bug as soon as they found out. They released an update which should take care of the problem. That’s why they had to reach out to the public through an official announcement, and urge users to update Chrome as soon as they can.

The new update will take care of the problem. However, it’s wise to do a scan of your files through your chosen antivirus software. Regular scans can keep your files more secure, and your device up to date with recent security measures.

How to Update Your Chrome Browser

It’s super easy to update your Chrome browser. You’ll find a three-dotted button at the top right of your window. You may go ahead and click on that. Scroll down and locate Help, then choose ‘About Google Chrome.’

A window will be prompted then telling you which version of the software you’re using. It should also update the browser automatically to the latest version. Once the process is complete, you should relaunch Google Chrome for the update to take effect.

How Hackers Reach Confidential Information & Data

Usually, when your device is not properly secured, hackers are able to take advantage of the situation. This happens when you’re not using a proper antivirus software. It can also happen if you’re constantly downloading data from unknown or untrusted sources. That’s why you should always implement good habits in order to prevent that from happening.

When cyber criminals are able to reach into a user’s device, they usually insert a malware within your hard-drive. Malwares can be used to extract data from your device, like personal information, passwords and credit card credentials. They can also use your CPU to mine cryptocurrency as long as the device is running.

Is It Important to Follow Up on Updates?

Tech companies are always on the lookout for new information regarding hacking techniques. They release constant updates to prevent their users’ devices from getting infected. That’s why you should always update your operating system regularly, along with any softwares/apps you use. This helps your device operate more smoothly, running on the latest improvements; and also lowers the chances of your device getting infected.

Always remember that it’s better to be cautious than sorry. Check any suspicious emails before accessing them, and research any sources you constantly use or download from.

Google has done their part and patched up their Chrome browser. Now is your turn to update and keep your device secured. Developers have assured us that our devices are still secured, and we’d like to believe them. However, a scan will do you no harm.

Have you updated your Google Chrome browser yet? What are you waiting for? Let us know in the comments section below if you notice anything strange about your device or browser. We’d be more than happy to help!