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Google’s Project Jacquard smart jacket goes on sale this Wednesday for $350

Google’s Project Jacquard smart jacket goes on sale this Wednesday for $350

A year-long wait after the announcement of the latest production of ATAP (Google’s Advanced Technology and Project’s Group) and the baby is finally getting launched on 27th September 2017. Google has done a remarkable job in collaboration with Levi’s over it. The Levi’s Company is a creative lot in itself and has been selling the commuter jeans since quite some time now.

Google bought Moto and sold it again, but retained the unit called ATAP to be at par with innovation in technology. The unit is known for many such attempts, which have not been successful so far. It is also trying to build a modular phone, the product that was canceled at the later stage. The commuter jacket has been a success and shall be available in retail stores soon. A regular denim jacket is a fashion statement and what can be better than having Bluetooth properties in it.

The commuter’s smart jacket, as the name suggests, is primarily for those who need to extensively commute almost on a daily basis and need to use smartphones on the go. Going by the advertisement videos, the target audience seems to be those who need to travel on a bike or any two-wheeler. You can access certain features of your smartphone by simply brushing the sleeve of the jacket.



Let’s discuss different aspects of the same in detail:

How it works

Both Google and Levi’s are very keen in disclosing the story behind designing the product. It sure must have had a great deal of brainstorming behind it. The aim was to build a garment and not a gadget thus making sure it is fit to wear and looks smart.

The smart jacket has copper wires and Jacquard Bluetooth threads in it. You need to attach a Bluetooth dongle on your left sleeve and pair the jacket with your device using an app. This app is there for both Android and IOS. You will have to go through the tutorial and customise gestures as per your ease. To know the making and designing of the product is going to be an interesting topic, as the two brands best in their respective fields come together to develop the smart jacket, which can change the entire definition of carrying gadgets on the go!

  • Utility

The smart Jacquard commuter jacket would read messages you reserve, control music and navigate to your home or office with just a brush on your sleeve. The gestures are brush in, brush out and tap on sleeves. The gestures you will have to customise as per your requirements.

  • Listening to Music

Using your touch screen phone while riding a bike is very risky and in order to avert any danger, you can buy this jacket. You can switch between songs and decide when to listen to them on the go without having the need to look into your screen. Entertainment is necessary in today’s world, as life is full of stress. This jacket makes sure you have access to unlimited entertainment while riding that bike and keep you safe at the same time.

  • Read Text Messages

You have just received a message from your boss or your friend or anyone of concern and you do have the urge to read it. Reading messages on the go can be a huge distraction. A brush on the jacket would ensure hassle-free access to your messages. It would read out them for you using your phone’s headphones.

  • Navigation

The most important aspect while commuting is, going the right way! You need a GPS and you need to know which turn to take every 10 meters. You can’t afford to look into your screen while driving a two-wheeler. What better than a tap on your jacket and your directions are audible via headphones?

  • Washability

Primary concern while developing a smart garment is its cleaning. Will you be able to clean this jacket as you do to the regular ones? As per Google, the jacket is washable, as the Bluetooth threads would remain just right. However, some experts are of the view that washing the same more than 10 times would turn the smart jacket into a regular one. We need to be sure about this one before we go on and buy one of ourselves.

Earlier, the project was to develop a commuter trouser, which was later changed to a jacket, and this reason is linked to the possibility of the speculation being correct. The jacket might as well remain washing for days but a trouser needs a lot of washing than a Jacket.

  • Target Audience

This jacket is not going to be a hot pick for everyone. Only a selected audience shall be inclined towards buying it. Buying a costly smart jacket would mean wearing the same piece of cloth repeatedly. It intends to attract those who ride bikes on a daily basis. In addition, some tech lovers would also want one tech wonder into their wardrobe.

It is debatable that using a Bluetooth headphone would be more practical, there are ones having gesture options in it and you can easily carry it during summers.

  • Price

The smart jacket would cost you $350. There is no definite answer as to if it is reasonable or not. Going by the rule of demand, the cost of a product is directly proportional to its utility. Higher the level of utility for the customer, the more satisfied they would be in paying for the same. The utility also decreases with the increased use of the product. This is called the law of diminishing returns. The more you use the product lesser would be the satisfaction derived from it and lesser would you want to pay for it.

Rightly, for those, this jacket is of a great utility at the price as high as $40, which would also not pinch. For some, this cost can be seen as a great investment and a travel buddy.

  • Availability

There sure has been a delay in launching the product. Finally, it is out in the market in selected retail stores of Levi’s and will be there online in the month of October. Therefore, the wait is finally over, those of you waiting for the launch of it can finally possess one.

  • Why the delay?

The delay in launching the product was causing many speculations. Some of them even suggested cancellation of the ATAP project. The truth behind the delay was that it required a lot of detail; being a garment and that it had to be finely tuned to the app as well. Another very practical reason is that the sale of jackets would only take place in winters!



It would be too hasty drawing inferences without having used the product even once. There may be many unknown features or many demerits of the wonder jacket. This jacket can prove to be very useful for some and very satisfying to tech and fashion lovers to wear. The fitting of the commuter jacket is appreciated largely.

We would suggest waiting for the reviews before going ahead with the investment, as this is the first product of its kind and being a pilot project is likely to be followed by a lot of improved versions just like every gadget has. Soon other brands would catch up with the trend and develop even better products. This also means that the price is likely to do down largely. The future holds all our garments being gadget friendly and configurable with our devices. As surviving without these devices has become impossible, so why not wear them all the time instead of having the need of carrying them with you.