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Hidden Features Of Microsoft Word You Probably Didn’t Know About

Hidden Features Of Microsoft Word You Probably Didn’t Know About

Most of us use Microsoft Word on daily basis to get our work done. Maybe you work in an office that requires regular documentation of the whole process, or you’re a student who writes assignments to get by.

Either way, we all can attest to how important Microsoft Word is to our practical life. However, not many of us know the full extent of this amazing software. There are lots of hidden features that you probably didn’t use before, and you don’t even know they exist.

In this article, we’re going to explore some of Microsoft Word’s features that are less known to people, and which can make your work a lot easier:

Focus and Get Rid of Distractions

Word can appear a little bit cluttered with all the tools and menus thrown at your face. If you’re writing something, you want to be focused and not distracted by any means. That’s why the software offers you the ability to hide the Ribbon when you’re immersed in writing.

If you’d like to do so, just hit Ctrl + F1 to toggle the Ribbon. You may then click on Ribbon Display Option and choose Auto-hide Ribbon. This way, the Ribbon (the menu which appear on the top of your document) will be hidden as long as you don’t press view or design…etc. You can reverse it and change the settings to make it sticky again.

There’s also another option called Distraction free reading. This feature transforms your document to non-editing mode, with all the keys and buttons gone so you may view your document as smoothly as possible. This would be helpful when you’re taking a break from writing, and just want to go over what you’ve done already. To enable this feature, just hit Alt + W+F at the same time.

Rearrange and Organize Your Document with Outline View

Microsoft Word

If you’re working with complex text blocks and entries in your Word document, Outline view will help you tremendously in arranging the whole things and going over it without being lost. To enable this mode, just hit View > and choose Outline.

If you’d like to fine-tune your document, the Outlining toolbar will help you do so. It has several options that can bring your text block up or down, hiding or displaying your selected areas, and managing headings on nine levels. You can also reorganize certain blocks in accordance with their heading, moving the sub-text along with it. It’s just amazing how this little tool can ease your drafting process.

Double Click the Thoughts Away!

If you’re working on a document and just want to type in an idea, a thought you had while writing, just double click anywhere and write it down! You don’t have to go anywhere and scrabble that thought away, you can just double click anywhere on your Word document and you can write instantly, not minding spacing or anything.

Convert Your Tables to Graphs

Microsoft Word

What’s better than having an organized table with your data in it? An awesome looking chart with the same data that looks visually appealing. Word offers you the ability to convert your table into a chart, as long as it’s not filled with endless rows of entries.

Just head to Insert, click on the drop-menu that reads Object and choose Object to open the dialogue box. Under Create New you’ll find an option for Microsoft Graph Chart. You may pick that and you’re good to go.

Equations in Microsoft Word

Lots of people use Excel to insert equations into their own documents. Not many are away that Word has a very similar feature, which has been there for long. Head to Insert > Symbols Group and then Equation to start using the feature.

You’ll find many options in the Equation Toolbar, which should help you formulate your complex mathematical equation and make it available on your document.

Hold 24 Items at the Same Time in Your Clipboard

Word’s clipboard has multiple functionalities that can operate from one document to another. For instance, you can copy around 24 items in your clipboard, and paste them somewhere else at the same time. Just hit Ctrl+C twice in order to activate the Clipboard Panel. You’ll find multiple options there to control the functionality of the tool, and rearrange your elements according to your preferences and needs.

Translate Within Microsoft Word

You probably didn’t know that Word has an amazing tool that will let you translate on the go. Instead of doing it by yourself, or using an extra tool and going back and forth to your document, Word has made it possible for you to do so right within your panel.

Hit Review and look for the Translator tool. You can translate a single word or sentence, or even translate your whole document. Save it or create a new one to input the translated text. You may think check what’s correct and what’s not, as it’s not humanly generated. But the tool works just fine compared to other alternatives. It will help you save a lot of time if you’re familiar with translation tools.

That’s it for now, everyone. Microsoft Word has become an integral part in our practical life. We use it on daily basis, but some of the features are not being used by many. We hope that these unknown features will help you save time and be more efficient with Microsoft Word.

Do you know any other feature that we didn’t mention here? Let us know all about it in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!