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How Do I Get Rid Of Pop-Ups On My Phone? Is That A Virus?

How Do I Get Rid Of Pop-Ups On My Phone? Is That A Virus?

Have you ever been browsing on your phone just to find some spammy pop-ups blocking your screen and wonder how to get rid of pop-ups? It happens to all of us. That’s how online marketers make money. Well, not all of them. Some advertising techniques can be considered ethical and are actually beneficial to the user.

Pop-ups are the worst kind of advertising. It’s spammy and annoying, and most of the time, it can flood your device with viruses and malwares. If you’re not sure whether the pop-ups you’re experiencing are the product of a malware or just terrible advertising, you need to sift through this quick guide.

Sometimes, phishing scams rely heavily on those who pay attention to pop-ups. They take advantage of their ignorance and prey on user information. You need to keep yourself and your device safe from such techniques.

Is Your Phone Really Infected? Or Is It Just Poor Advertisement Techniques?

Before determining whether your phone is infected by a malware or not, you need to go through these steps:

1) Block Pop-Ups on Your Phone Browser

The first thing you should be doing to identify whether the pop-ups you’re receiving are normal or the result of a malware, you need to block the option in your browser all together. If you’re using Chrome, you can simply go to Settings within your browser> Site settings > and then click on Pop-ups to block them.

If you prefer Firefox, you’d need to install a simple add-on, as the browser doesn’t have the option built-in. You can easily get Popup Blocker Ultimate from Firefox’s official website. Once the add-on is installed, you can adjust it to your needs.

2) Phishing Scam – Is My Phone Infected?

If you’re still getting the same popups from certain websites, you might need to start protecting yourself in case these ads are malicious. The first thing you’d need to do is to close your browser (all open tabs) and start clearing your cache and cookies.

No matter what your choice of browser is, go to its “History” settings to locate the cache and cookies. Clear all information from your phone, as they might be causing the pop-ups to appear.

3) Scan for Adware or Malware Infections Using Virus Total:

The next step you should do is to make sure that your device is not infected. Adware is a type of a malware that infects your phone to display ads and popups. You don’t have to trouble yourself and install an anti virus. If you don’t have one already, you can easily check your files online through Virus Total. It’s an incredibly popular website and is trusted by millions of users. Just go to the website and start scanning.

4) Track Apps Causing Popups

If you noticed that the amount of popups you’re getting started to increase after you installed a particular app, you need to start cleaning. Sometimes, it’s hard to determine which app is causing the problem. You might have to go through potential suspects until you get it right. Either way, you need to be sure of the authenticity of the apps you’re using. Get everything in check, and you’ll probably get rid of pop-ups.

5) Website notifications – What Are They?

You shouldn’t mix up pop-ups with website notifications. Some websites offer the ability of notifying you in your browser with new updates and news. They usually ask you before subscribing to the feature. If you’re receiving website notifications that are unwanted, you should go to Settings on your browser, locate Notifications and then choose which websites to unsubscribe from.

Still Getting Pop-ups? What to Do If Nothing Works?

Get Rid Of Pop-Ups

If you followed all the steps above and you’re still getting a massive amount of pop-ups, you should do a factory reset. Remember that a factory reset means that your phone will go back to its factory condition, removing all of your data in the process. You need to backup all of your files and information before venturing to do so. This will definitely eliminate the problem.

Pop-ups are really annoying, and it’s always wise to keep yourself away from them. If you’re experiencing lots of pop-ups while browsing, you need to take some measurements to protect your device. Do you usually get pop-ups on your phone? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!